“You used to hold me, told me I was the best. Anything in this world I want I could posess, all that made me want is all that I could get, in order to survive gotta learn to live with regrets” – Jay-Z Regrets

I can’t believe it’s Christmas time already… wow, where did the days go? I am not with family this year, I am working overseas. I have a BOOOOOOORING job, but it’s a job. I like the people I work with, I just can’t stand all the damn hypocrisy that goes along with it. “Do as I say not as I do” is the unwritten rule for my superiors.

I am very new to blogging, but I think after a while I will get the hang of it. I have read a few like http://mywordsalone.blogspot.com/, and it inspired me to start my own.  You will notice that sometimes I’m angry, sometimes I’m sad, but most of this will be fun. My husband calls me Bipolar, but he’s not all there himself. You can form your own opinions. Enjoy