Why is Christmas just like a day at the office? You do all the work and the fat guy with the suit gets all the credit.


Rise & Shine… There is work to be done….  Today seems like it will be pretty slow, I’m sure not everyone is back, but in my office, whoever worked yesterday has today off.   *Please (Fingers Crossed) don’t let our phone ring too much today*

Aunt L called me about 2:30 am to wish me a Merry Christmas. She asked what I was doing, and I didn’t want to say “Sleeping” because then she would have felt bad. So I said I was just laying there… well, that was her cue.. She has the gift of gab for real… She told me all about her day, about my Grams, and everyone else. I must not have acted like I was to enthused to hear about it all, because when she finally took a breath 15 minutes later, she decided to let me get back to bed. I didn’t mean to act like that, but I had been woke up. I’m glad everyone liked their gifts, I just wish I could have witnessed them opening them. I always have next year.

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 I am back in my room now, I had a half day today because i work tomorrow (Sunday). All day today I thought it was Monday, I guess because i had off from work yesterday, weird. I will probably go by KB’s office today to see what she is up to. I talked to her earlier, and she said that she was really sleepy, I’m going to try to drag her out to the movies though. I don’t know what’s playing, hopefully something good. I am really glad that I have this avenue to get things off my chest. I don’t bite my tongue very often, but I do hold a lot of things in when I feel uncomfortable, and this Blog has helped me release a lot. I feel a big weight lifted due to the fact that I don’t have to keep things to myself anymore.

I just finished watching Memoirs Of A Geisha, and I loved that movie… I know it’s been out for a while, but when I had attempted to watch my bootleg copy it wouldn’t play. I have the book, but haven’t read it. I guess tonight will be a movie night. Yes folks this is how boring it is where I am… I will just tell you, I am overseas, in the middle east on a small camp. We obviously have internet, & Cable is available but I have no T.V. We have a movie theater out here, but I just feel lazy today. I know I didn’t talk about much this time, but I update it when I wanna talk. I’m sure if I can’t sleep I will add a little sumthin here & there.

Well, I feel bad now, I talked to my husband and he is currently at my Aunt L’s house… The conversation went sour after we talked about what he “Thought” about getting me for Christmas… Mind you, It hasn’t been purchased yet, and therefore it’s not in the mail… But, as he says “It’s the thought that counts”… Hmmmm… So, I told him to save the money, put it in the bank, and I will just get whatever it is when I get home. He asked me why I kept trying to discourage him from getting it, and I told him HONESTLY “If it was intended to be my Christmas present, I would have opened it on Christmas”… needless to say, he didn’t want to hear that. He doesn’t get paid very much money where he works, and doesn’t get many hours, so he said that he worked overtime this past week so he could splurge and get me something nice. Cool, got it, but we all know what day Christmas falls on, and if you know that you are intending to send someone something for the Holidays, then you would have done so way in advance. All that money that has been wasted going to clubs, or the gas money wasted going back and forth to the city to kick it could have been saved for a couple weekends to send your wife at least a freakin card. But, now I’m the ungrateful one because I’m complaining that I didn’t receive anything <– so he says. I’m not ungrateful at all, I’m not, I just think that if he HAD put any thought into me this Holiday, we wouldn’t have been having this conversation. He had many many things to unwrap, both from me and my family. I’m the one that is away from everyone, and it’s times like these that make me feel like I don’t even matter. So if I came off a little pissy than I think that I had a valid argument. He keeps saying that not everyone in the world thinks like me, but maybe they should; If you tell me that we are going to meet at a certain time, you can guarantee I will be there 45 minutes early, or if I know that your birthday is coming up, I won’t wait until the last-minute to get you a gift, or if I have to meet a deadline at work, I will get whatever it is done way before schedule… That’s just the way I am. I cannot help that I think ahead, or that I care enough about others to make sure that I had something to do with making their even that more special. He just doesn’t think at all. I married one of the worlds biggest procrastinators. What have I got myself into?

Here is a little something to think about:

  • ” If quizes are quizzical, what are tests?”
  • ‘The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.’ -Ferdinand Foch
  • ‘”Do not do what you would undo if caught.”‘
  • ‘There’s no point in trying to be how you imagine people want you to be. You’re stuck with being yourself, so find people who like that.’ -Andrew Davies
  • “True friends stab you in the front.”‘
  • ‘If you can take rejection and bounce back then you’ll thrive in this life. ‘ -Englebert Humperdinck
  • ‘I’m a vegetarian, but I wear leather shoes. Some people say that’s a contradiction; I say I’m doing my best.’ -A.C. Grayling
I’m going to get back to my movie night. Once again I hope all of you had a better day than me.