You What????…It’s Over! (Public) Expressions Of ‘Broken’ Love


No one said that love (or sex) was easy — or not without recrimination…especially if cheating or screwing your friend’s spouse or blatant misbehavior is involved. Sometimes even if no misbehavior is involved, feelings are left raw…or in need of some form of healthy expression. Or unhealthy expression. How many failed relationships don’t leave one of the parties aggrieved and with some desire to express himself or herself?      

Here are some examples of these (public) expressions — people in one way or another who feel hurt or enraged or liberated and who simply can’t keep it to themselves.        


    Sometimes the deepest hurt feelings are most honestly and movingly expressed through art.  


Finally, an Independence Day sale worthy of the fireworks.      


It’s a known fact. When you get really really mad, the first thing to go is your spelling.      


At least she wants to have sex with someone…      


Not sure exactly who this sign is aimed at…squirrels, chipmunks? The goat?      


Probably not a good idea to expect a big reward here.      


If only they’d gotten married when they were older than 12…      


Billboard classics. If you’ve got a lot of money and a lot of issues, and you’re really pissed off, this is how you express yourself apparently…      



If friends can’t get over this, what can they get over?     


If only he’d done it with just one other women…or two women but at different times.       


Hmm. We get the ex-wife? What if we prefer the lawn ornaments? (Ok, not funny.)     

Your phone was busy, internet down…just wanted to let you know. Decent thing to do. 


The b***h took everything. I’m broke. Please help me. Please.       

Was thinking of maybe, ‘slut’…but thought ‘whore’ better represented.       

Hmm…buy boat, get sex. Or do we only have to offer on the boat?      


I’m not happy but, well…I’ll be back in an hour, OK?