“How about a taste of your own medicine Doc?”

On Wednesday, pediatrician Dr. Earl B. Bradley, 56, was arrested. The state attorney general’s office said that Dr. Bradley has been using his private practice, BayBees Pediatrics, to rape and molest as many as 100 children over the last 11 years. As for now, he was only charged with molesting or raping at least seven of his patients, some of those being infants. These charges include 33 felony counts of first- and second-degree rape, sexual exploitation of a child by photo or film, and endangering the welfare of a child. Investigators are now trying to identify children seen on videos that they say the doctor made of his activities. Authorities have started contacting law enforcement agencies in Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, where they believe the doctor may have also seen patients. Dr. Bradley had been placed on suicide watch.

If that doesn’t make the bile rise up into your throats, check this out. Police seized at least six cameras, 100 DVDs and VHS tapes, dozens of reel-to-reel films and a small computer data storage device that contained videos of multiple forced sexual acts with child patients that included intercourse, oral sex and fondling. Some videos show the doctor yelling orders at toddlers, some of whom are crying or trying to run away. A detective who viewed the assaults described in court papers the 6-foot, 225-pound Bradley as having a “violently enraged expression on his face” in one video involving a 2-year-old. In my world, if you have actual video of this kind of shit, citizens should be able to legally blow his brains out. ( source)