Monday is an awful way to spend 1/7th of your life

Officially 16 weeks to go, but who’s counting? One of my co-workers will be out of the office for 2 months starting on the 10th. That will leave me with the brunt of the work alone. Damnit. By the time he gets back, we will be in the process of leaving this hell hole.

I slept sooooo good yesterday. I’m not one that takes medicine unless absolutely necessary but, yesterday I took a some NyQuil, just one gel tab, not the recommended dose, within minutes, It was lights out…

In the morning I was groggy, but at least I slept throughout the night. I usually wake up constantly, not this time.  I don’t remember ever having such a problem at home. I would usually accidentally fall asleep if my hubby was with me. I guess just feeling his warm body next to mine is what pacify’s me. I sure miss that. In about 4 months, I will be in his arms again, and all this stress and worry will be replaced with the happiness and content feelings I once took for granted. From now on I will ONLY take NyQuil when I have time to sleep in.

1am – I am still awake

2:30 am – Wishing I was with you right now

3:45 am – Wondering if your thinking of me too

4:19am – Remembering our good times

5:50am – I finally fall asleep


 I watched a few more movies yesterday. Taking Chance, Mall Cop, and a documentary about Karrine Stephens AKA Superhead( The hip hop video chick that slept with numerous famous people and wrote three books about it). I did start to watch The Notebook, but the NyQuil hit me so, I turned it off. I bought a couple movies yesterday including Benjamin Button, and Slumdog Millionaire. I got some for $3, and some for $10. I’m one of the best bargain shoppers in the world.

I talked to Mr. P earlier. He had an Airsoft tournament yesterday, and was so excited because he did really good. I love it when he sounds like this, because, he sounds like his old self again. When I feel an argument coming on, or sarcasm lurking, I simple say “I love you”, and I cut the conversations short. I guess this was my unwritten New Years resolution. It has worked so far. I know I cannot control things at home when I am not physically there, so I shouldn’t even waste my energy getting pissed off about the minor details.

My Horoscope for today:

The stars are all about one-to-one relationships. They’re urging you to connect with someone on a very deep level. Just be sure you reach out to the right person. Otherwise, you could end up in a tense situation with someone who’ll want a lot more from you than you’re capable of giving. Be cautious, and be deliberate. If you’re not sure about someone, ask a friend you trust for advice.