“Imagine if every Thursday your shoes exploded if you tied them the usual way. This happens to us all the time with computers, and nobody thinks of complaining.”

What a crazy couple days I’ve had… I have barely been in my office in the past two days. Me and my co-worker have been stuck in a little office, inside of a cold warehouse, surrounded by Middle Easterns that are probably talking more  shit than a little bit about us. All I can do is laugh to myself.

I went to BINGO last night and didn’t win anything. Man oh man, my luck has officially ran out. I have been sleeping better the past couple of days, maybe work has been wearing me out, i dunno, but, I’m not complaining. I have such a weird sleep pattern. Sometimes I’m wide awake, and other times I’m draggin’ my butt into work. It might have something to do with my thyroid. In 2003 I was diagnosed as having Hypothyroidism, but in 2006, I was told that I didn’t have that at all. I haven’t really had any serious effects from this thyroid problem, but I do think it makes me sluggish, and has an effect on my day-to-day operations. When I get back to the states, I will definitely get this checked out.

I have so much to take care of before Aug 1st. I will have less than 3 months back in the states before I’m off to Hawaii. Wow, the closer I get the more nerve-wracking it is. I cannot do anything from out here. It will all work itself out I’m sure. It will be another movie night tonight. Hang over, I will let you know all about it on my next post.

My Horoscope for today:

There’s only one person you can think of who’s equipped to give you the advice you need now, especially since it’s such a private matter. So go see them, or at least give them a call. If you’re not sure of what to do, especially if the matter involves your career or reputation, don’t hesitate to ask for help. After all, think of how many times and how many ways you’ve offered to help in the past without ever being asked.

Wow, it’s mid-day, and I cannot seem to figure out what might possibly the reason for me to have to call or get in touch with someone regarding  my career or reputation…. Hmm, This kind of worries me, It may be regarding my new job, if so, it wasn’t a big deal, and has been explained. Let’s hope tonight doesn’t bring ANY surprises ( Fingers Crossed).

This is just something I thought was a conversation piece:

This Vanity Fair issue is It’s specifically due out on January 12. 

When Tiger Woods finally fell from his pedestal—the car crash, the angry wife, the tales of kinky extramarital sex, the link to a controversial sports doctor—it was one of the greatest recorded drops in popularity of any nonpolitical figure. Given Woods’s impenetrable mask of perfection, and the hints of trouble from one strange glimpse behind it, the revelations were inevitable and very, very costly. Annie Leibovitz catches the icon, pre-scandal, in prophetic isolation, while the author finds the clues in the wreckage.

Some of shots include Tiger wearing the same cap with his bare back turned to the camera. There’s also another with him doing some sit ups. Even though Tiger is still not showing himself to the public until now, the world will still going to get quite a view of him in the magazine. The issue contains numerous photos of the golfer—stripped down.

The photos, however, are not recent. They were taken by acclaimed celebrity photographer Annie Liebovitz back in January 2006. Leibovitz didn’t say why she’s revealing the pictures now, after three years. And aside from the pictures, Vanity Fair will also have an analysis by Pulitzer Prize winner Buzz Bissinger of the things that are going on with Tiger Woods. The juicy part of that is the 1997 GQ interview that Tiger had wherein he made several jibes about sex, women, and steroids. http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/features/2010/02/tiger-woods-201002