$30 Million Lottery Winner Missing…Feared Dead

 Abraham Shakespeare, 43, won a $31 million Florida lottery prize in 2006. A year later, Shakespeare made headlines in the Tampa Bay area when he won a court challenge from a fellow trucker who accused Shakespeare of snatching the winning ticket out of his wallet while the two were delivering meat to Miami restaurants, but the matter was settled in court when a judge ruled that Shakespeare could keep his millions..

Now… 3 years later. The multi-millionaire has gone missing and foul play is suspected. Shakespeare’s mother said after her son won the jackpot, people came out of the woodwork looking for a handout. “I couldn’t even talk with him like 10 minutes before his phone was ringing,” Elizabeth Walker said. “By the time he’d get off the phone with that one, another one would call. Walker said she’s worried because she hasn’t seen or spoken to her son in months. In fact, authorities say he’s been missing for 6 or 7 months, but the missing persons report was just filed on Monday.

Shakespeare, who’s past includes a criminal record that consists of several arrests and prison time for burglary, battery and failure to pay child support, opted for a lump-sum payment of $16.9 million instead of annual installments. With his winnings, he bought a Nissan Altima, a Rolex from a pawn shop, a $1 million home in a gated community and talked about starting a foundation for the poor. He insisted the money wouldn’t change him.

Shakespeare’s mother fears that someone after his money may have done harm to her son and now Florida officials, who originally felt the millionaire was somewhere vacationing with the cash, believe she may be right. Authorities in Florida are offering a $5,000 reward for information on a multimillion dollar lotto winner who has been missing since April. (source)