“If you must have motivation, think of your paycheck on Friday.”

T.G.I.F. Well, it sounds good, but every day is Monday out here. I have been just chillin’ this week, nothing exciting to talk or complain about. I am supposed to give someone a couple computer pointers tonight after work. I have a friend KG that wants to find an easier way to organize his music and pictures, which is right up my alley. I am very anal when it comes to music libraries and my photo albums. There are a few free downloadable applications ( ie: MP3TAG 2.45) on the web that help, but mostly it’s gotta be dedication. The process is pretty lengthy, but if you get in the habit of organizing your stuff, it becomes easy.

Mr. P is scheduled to get his wisdom teeth extracted next Tuesday, OUCH! I worry about him when I can’t be there to nurse him. I know he will be prescribed some strong medication, and I also know that he thinks he is invincible and will probably try and go out and drink while on those meds. If he does go out, he will drink, and he will be driving all while completely disregarding the stupid decisions he is making. I made him promise me he would just chill in the house, but I know better than to believe any of it. I really wish he would listen to me just once.

Last night I saw a falling star…. can you believe it. It was sooo cool looking. I was standing outside talking to my Aunt, and something caught my eye, it was pretty big with a neon green tail when it fell. I immediately made a wish. I would spill the beans on what I wished for, but , not that I’m super-superstitious, but I would rather not take the chance of ruining the outcome of my wish.

Wishing On A Star 

I gaze up at the sky each night
and find the brightest star.
It's always waiting there for me
so close, but yet so far.
The star winks in the evening sky
and reaches out to me.
It magically appears each night
for all the world to see.
I've wished upon this special star
my whole life through, it seems.
I've closed my eyes and made my wish
of hopes, and plans, and dreams.
And then, one day I got my wish
for I finally met you.
You are that someone special
who's made all my dreams come true.
So now whenever we're apart
I find that same bright star.
It makes me feel so close to you
no matter where you are.

My Horoscope for today:

You’re due to cross paths with some very interesting, very magnetic types — and soon, too. Maybe even tonight! To prepare yourself for their arrival, be sure you can postpone anything that’s not absolutely necessary for you to do. If you’ve already met them, don’t be shy. Get in contact, make some plans and get together. These are kindred spirits we’re talking about. Don’t let them get away!