“Doing nothing is very hard to do…you never know when you’re finished”

Work has been pretty slow today. As you can tell I have changed the look of this page. I am still experimenting, but I really like the color scheme now. That Orange and black was kind of boring, and I would always try to find icons, and pictures that matched, which was NOT easy.  I also started the “Freak Of The Week” post. I think it is so funny how some people get caught on camera. Some have no idea, and others pose for the picture… Either way I think it’s hilarious.

 And just when I thought we were doing so good…. Here we go again. I don’t understand why in the world Mr. P feels the need to lie about stupid shit, I’m talking really petty stuff. Well since he is down for the count and can’t go to work, I said I would cover the bills that need 2 be paid this week, the phone bill is one of them. I have already told him, if I’m paying the phone bill I will check and question anything I want, so I do….And I see that he talked to this one chick we will refer to as “Snow Bunny”, well SB has been a thorn in my side for the past two years. Mr. P and her have sent each other dirty messages in the past that I “Just Happened to find”, and she has even sent dirty pictures of herself to him. I have voiced my opinion numerous times to both of them about this her, and they wont communicate for a while then it will start back up again. Being so far away, I can’t prove that anything inappropriate is going on, but what I do know is, if it happened once, it will happen again.

This is bullshit. I have been keeping my cool so far this year which is very rare for me, and I guess that he is taking my kindness for weakness again. So I call him, and ask him what they talked about he said that she sent him pictures of her son, really??? For two hours straight? I think not. I’m no dummy, and I can’t stand when people wanna play me for a fool. I had also asked him about his sister, and if she had received her Christmas present, he said she had, and “Thank You”, I asked is that all you two talked about, and he stated once again “Yes”, “We didn’t talk long”, but according to the phone bill they talked for over 20 minutes. Now, this is his sister, and I don’t care that they talked, but why in the world does he have to lie to me about that too? What the “F” is really going on? So me and my wisdom decide to call him out, he didn’t like that and said “I gotta go”, and hung up on me while I was in mid sentence. Cool, I played it real cool, when he texted me I ignored it, then he calls me back, and asked why I was mad, I said “I’m good, but, I gotta go”, he asked me why, and I said “because I don’t wanna talk to you”, he mumbled something and I hung up. I guarantee he will contact me atleast 10 times before I respond once. I am too damn old to be playing these stupid games but, in order to get the upper hand, I will turn my Queen B status on with the quickness. He knows the bitch that I am capable of turning into, and I can keep that bitch mode up for as long as I have to, so why even test me?  I am still keeping my cool, and it feels good.

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My Horoscope for today:

 You’re famous for being the very soul of discretion. In fact, when it comes to secrets, let’s just say that they’re your specialty. So when a particularly delicious mystery comes along, you can definitely be counted upon to keep it under wraps — even if you do walk around with a rather smug look on your face for an afternoon. Still, you should try your very best to be discreet. No use blowing your cover, right? Right?

I am very good at secrets, but, I do sometimes slip up, so I wouldn’t consider myself “The Best” at keeping them. If the secret is an important one, and not just your average gossip or rumor, then I will go beyond my normal techniques and make sure that I don’t spill the beans.