“Reality is the leading cause of stress for those in touch with it”

Things are going well. Mr. P is back at work, and he is feeling much better. You know what that means… PARTY TIME! It’s all good, I am focused on work right now. I am pretty overwhelmed since my co-worker is gone. Why does it seem as though my phone is ringing more, I am getting more work orders, and my work e-mail is constantly full. I even skipped lunch today so I could update this site. I feel like I have been letting my viewers down. I don’t even know if anyone, besides one or two people who I know of, even check this site. I don’t mind. I was able to google myself the other day… woo-hoo, that was a pretty good feeling.

I have been looking up French bulldogs lately. They are so damn expensive. I don’t care if they are AKC registered, champion bloodline, or whatever. I just want one.  I have checked on the web for an affordable puppy, but I think that it would be easier just to check when I get back to the states. They have so many scammers on the internet these days that you can not be sure of anything anymore. Back in November I had looked online for an english bulldog pup, I contacted a few people, and every single person I contacted had either just moved with a Peace Corps mission to Africa, or they had just moved out-of-state due to a new job. I only checked my city’s local sites and classifieds but never once got in contact with someone who was honest about the dog they were attempting to adopt out. I conversed with one woman who went as far as to tell me that she would ship me the puppy from Africa, and I would not have to finalize my payment until I received the puppy. She wanted me to put money in her pay-pal account for shipping and handling but was adamant that she would not be able to touch the money until I gave her some kind of confirmation number. I don’t know how pay-pal works but, no thank you, I was not about to fall victim to a scammer. 

Look how cute these two are, how can you possibly resist their kisses and cuddles. I sure would love to come home to one of these babies. What’s cool is Mr. (Macho) P, is falling in love with the thought of one having a little puppy in the house too. We are both used to big, bully breeds, and having a little dog will mean, little poop, less food, and less trouble. I just hope my two fat cats get along with the new edition. Look I’m already talking like I have one. I am bound and determined to adopt a frenchie. Maybe Mr. P will surprise me for Valentines day, My Birthday, or Anniversary, all those events are coming up in the next three months. *Crossing my fingers* But, There is a reason why I call him Mr. P ( Predictable).

I am still having internet issues on my PC. This is making me not want to pay for next month. I guess I will just use my computer at work. I cannot get online for more than 5 minutes before I receive a dumb “Internet explorer cannot display this page” error.  It is really starting to piss me off because my Homie GG just gave me the video converter software so I can download movies and convert them. Damnit!!!!

My Horoscope for today:

Locate your inner source of strength. It’s completely solid. Feel your power. Try to take care of yourself today — you have exactly the right energy to give yourself almost anything you need, and you’ve been plenty attentive to others lately! Make a move and see what happens. Still got those tissues handy? Well, you’ve got one more day of sniffling to get through, so you’d better be sure you’re all stocked up. The stars are turning up the volume on your already tender heart. It’s like walking around wearing a t-shirt that says ‘Can’t Stop Feeling.’ You can’t change your feelings, but you can take precautions. Like wearing a second layer to protect against the cold, so to speak. Protect yourself. Get out your emotional long underwear.

If my emotions are indeed out of control it’s because I am a woman. I would get specific but, I will save the details. I have had a good handle on my emotions and anger lately, and the hubby and I are talking more than we have in a year. I told myself I would change for the better in 2010. I take it day by day, I might have an outburst here or there but, I quickly calm myself down, and change the negativity back to positivity. So far so good.