“Women might be able to fake orgasms. But men can fake a whole relationship.”

 Work has been pretty tough the last couple days. I know I haven’t been posting lately, and hopefully today I can make up for that. Why is it that certain customers of mine think that they are my ONLY priority? For example I have one customer who will call me within 5 minutes of me sitting down at my desk in the morning, and before he tells me his issue he will tell me he is on his way to pick me up. I have had a short fuse for this guy since day one. You see, I work on computers, at my current location we just lost a vehicle due to the contract running out and therefore I have to either borrow a vehicle or I must have the customers themselves to come get me. Very cheesy I know but, I have no control over it.

So back to the Bug-a-boo he expects me to log on with my administrative privileges in order for him to tinker around on this particular system. I have already explained that there in NO-WAY I would or could just log on with my godly rights and let him have at it. He must take me for a fool, because the day before yesterday my boss told him the exact same thing, and yesterday morning he was standing tall in my office. Thank god I was out working another issue because he might have made me blow my top for the 1st time in 2010.

So now that Mr. P is feeling better, I haven’t been hearing from him like before. I am here across the world, and therefore expect simple shit out of him. This week he went back to work which is wonderful. I’m glad he is feeling much better but somehow I knew that when he did start to actually feel better the pattern of bullshit was soon to follow. Yesterday for example, I received not one e-mail, he did hit me up on IM and asked me what I was doing, and that was the last time I heard from him. Am I just trippin’ because I miss him, or do I actually have some valid points? I feel like I am just here to make life easy on him, and I don’t think thats fair. So I e-mailed him this:

“Look, I’m not gonna get into any kind of debate with you over some bullshit like “Contact”.  All I’m saying is be consistent, If your gonna be cool with me and hit me up on the regular while I’m paying for shit, then do the same when I’m not. When you are sick, not feeling well, or are stuck in the house and your friends aren’t around for whatever reason, is not the time to show me you care… I really thought that we were getting past that phase in our relationship. I don’t think you are on the same level as me. I don’t need you to make it in this world, and if by chance you choose a different path in life somewhere down the road, I won’t be losing out in this situation. I thought we were making a life together, but sometimes it feels like I am just making your life with others possible. Not once did I get a “Thank You” for paying for anything you couldn’t. Simple shit like that would make me not question your intentions but, instead you take my kindness for weakness. And I hate to break it to you but, I am far from weak. Life is short play hard, I won’t wait to be picked last anymore, I will start my own team and beat you at your own games. Think about it.  HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND, I love you “

I always throw that “I love you ” in there, I think that’s alot better than saying “You’re a dick head, get a life”. I just say how I feel at the time, some may think that I’m overreacting but, I know this man better than even his closest friends. I won’t bite my tongue, and I will say what is on my mind unless it will hurt feelings, and sometimes even that won’t stop me. I’m just tired of doing everything. I would like to sit back and let nature take its course, but, I feel like I will have a hell of a mess to clean up while waiting. I am still not going to let this put me in a mood that ruins my week. My relationship with Mr. P is just so inconsistent. Sometimes we are the best of friends, and other times, I swear if I was a man I would have kicked his ass already. Too bad I love this man like I do, because I could be a really rotten BITCH, if I wanted to. I tell you sooner or later he will have to realize that I’m not going to accept much more bullshit. I can only do so much from where I currently am.

Tonight a few of us decided we will go to the movies and see Legion, I haven’t seen any previews but I have looked it up. I don’t wanna read the summary because it will ruin the movie for me. I can tell you it is supposed to be a fantasy/action/thriller (Whatever that is supposed to mean). It stars Dennis Quaid. I hope it is good.

My Horoscope For Today:

Your resources are not unlimited, but everyone wants a piece of them. Someone close — or someone you’d like to know better — is speaking in riddles today. That’d be fun if you weren’t so determined to figure them out. Sometimes you need to accept mysteries as they are. You’re not usually all that tough to talk into playing peacekeeper even if you feel strongly about something, mainly because you’d rather be cooperative than cause contention. Well, guess what? At this particular moment in time, your skills will be in extremely high demand. Your mission right now is to find a solution between warring factions. Just do it.

Well, that’s very interesting…. I am always trying to figure “Them” out, from my husband to my co-workers, it’s just something I do. I love a good mystery, and I can accept a challenge. That’s what mystery’s are to me. I guess being cooperative is what I can consider my goal this year. So far so good. I am at peace with not only myself but my life right now. As I said before I have a few hiccups here and there but, nothing I can’t quickly resolve with a genuine, cool comeback and half a smile. I will “JUST DO IT”.