“God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time.” – Robin Williams, commenting on the Clinton/Lewinsky affair



We are constantly hearing how women should turn up the heat, and seduce their man…”wear something sexy, let your hair down, put on some stiletto’s, how about another girl”… Well how about you fella’s take some notes. Release your inner freak, and don’t EVER ask us to add an extra ingredient into our relationship. As for most women, we don’t like to share, I can even go as far as saying I’m one greedy bitch when it comes to my man. Very few women will invite another woman into the bed with her man, if she does she is probably desperate to keep you. Threesomes only end in heartbreak. We can get down and dirty in the bedroom just like those movies you hide in the closet, some women are just afraid that they will scare you off or turn you off.  Talk to your lady, see where her head is and try something out of the ordinary for once. From role-playing to a blind date, don’t be afraid to cross that thin line between normal and freak. Once you share some intimate secrets with each other, your relationship will be taken to a whole new wonderful level. Don’t believe me? Just try it.

So I was on one of my favorite sites BOSSIP.COM and ran into this article Sextra: Fellas, Make it Hot! I think that it’s my duty to share with the male audience out there.

Be Obvious the next time you’re with your lady in a public setting like a party or social function, don’t hold back the seductive looks. No matter who’s around and who’s watching, keep your eyes on her and her every move. It should read: you’re gonna get it when we get home. When you’re close to her, be sure to give her buns a smooth graze to heighten the anticipation. She’ll relish in the bold and undivided attention you’re giving coupled with excitement by the thoughts of being devoured by you! Remember, body language speaks louder than words!

Play the Role let’s go back to the UPS man referenced above. There’s something about a man in uniform that is a turn-on for so many women. If you’re the guy that wears a suit and tie everyday, this would be welcomed change, if even just for one night. Find yourself a uniform of some sort or put one together with your own wardrobe, like a construction worker, fireman or a man who works with is hands kind of feel. Show up at her door and deliver the goods. You can’t go wrong with a wifebeater and hard hat, she may not want even you to take them off!

Element of Surprise and Silence this always works. Communicate with your lady throughout the day as if you would any other day and make plans to see her. When you get to the door or she gets to yours, say nothing, grab her up, throw her over your shoulder, carry her to the bedroom and have your way with her. She won’t be able to resist the manishness you’ve displayed!

Set Her Up nothing aggravates women more than an unsuspected “favor” that is simply inconvenient! Call her up and ask her to do you an urgent solid of some sort. For example, “baby can you please to go to my house as soon as possible! I can’t find my … I need you to go get it and bring it to me, please,” or something along those lines. Be creative. She’ll be done away with your absent-minded antics but that’s okay because you’ll be there waiting on her to unleash her aggression on you! That’s a win, win!

Be Daring location, location, location! There is nothing wrong with switching it up from time to time, in terms of being confined to house to indulge! The next time you go out with your lady, make a point to be a little edgy and try for some public action. Let her know you must have her right now. If you’re riding in the car, pull over somewhere. If you’re at a party, find a quiet hallway or bathroom and throw her up against a wall! Be creative and most of all quiet! 

Romance  it never fails. Women love romance! Call her up and ask her to come cook for you. Tell her you’ve bought everything she needs and you’re waiting for her to come prepare your meal. When she gets there, surprise her by having the food hot and ready, candles lit, soft music playing and her favorite wine waiting for her. Serve her as she would serve you and make the night about her. Draw her a bath (it’s okay to join her) and have a sexy set of panties you’ve bought for her waiting on the bed when she gets out. Now that you’ve put in work, she’ll be more than delighted to return the gift of giving! (source)


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