5 Simply Ways To Treat Her Like A Queen

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Every woman wants to feel special and what better way to make a woman feel special than treating her like a queen? Now you don’t have to drop rose pedals at her feet when she walks to make her feel like queen, but there are some things you MUST do in order to leave a woman feeling like a queen. So fellas here are some things women wish men did more.

  • Knowing when to say I love you. Saying I love you during the wrong time can really ruin any chance at true love. If he says it too early, it’s over. If he waits too long she may be loving someone else. And forgetting to say “I love you” during sex is completely against the rules.

  • Honesty is important to a queen. We have learned through fairy tales that you don’t lie to a queen or it’s off w/your head. One thing men must remember is that he shouldn’t lie to his queen. A woman needs an option and she must know the truth. Many times relationships end simply because the female feels like she must snoop, pry and poke to find out what exactly is going on because something isn’t right. Tell the truth and shame the devil.  

  • Queens bleed too, but they still are queens. When a woman is on her period rationale get thrown out the window. Aunt flow will have a man going to get olives and butter pecan ice cream at 3am while she lies on her fist because the cramps are unbearable. Not to mention that she can’t have sex, but she’s hornier than a two-headed deformed unicorn in heat. Translation: Don’t keep asking for oral sex every night.
  • Writers get the goods. Women like to know they are loved and queens love to know they are loved. So be sure to send an occasional email, or text message or post it note on the fridge every now and then.  

  • Eat her and then eat with her. Not all couples live together, even though it may seem like it. If a woman sleeps over not only should the guy spank her with his tongue he owes her a good meal. Make some pancakes, eggs and bacon and if he can’t cook the frozen kind will do. It’s truly the thought the counts, but if cooking is not your thing take her out. (source)

Bottom line is good sex can only get a guy so far while great sex will get him further, its knowing how to treat a queen that will have her going above and beyond for her king.


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