30 Things EVERY Woman Should Have & Know Before You Are 30


I will be turning 33 in about two weeks. I’m not nervous, scared or bitter…. I don’t look, or feel a day over 25 (or so I’ve been told). I have just a hand full of white hairs, and they have only developed in the last year due to stress, or could it be a coincidence that almost a year ago I was married? Any who…. I wanted to share this article I found on Glamour.com with the ladies. Enjoy 

By 30, you should have:

One old boyfriend you can imagine going back to and one who reminds you of how far you’ve come.

A decent piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in your family.

Something perfect to wear if the employer or man of your dreams wants to see you in an hour.

A purse, a suitcase and an umbrella you’re not ashamed to be seen carrying. (I don’t have an umbrella or really nice luggage, but I’ve got great purses)

A youth you’re content to move beyond. (I wanna stay young, but know it’s about that time)

A past juicy enough that you’re looking forward to retelling it in your old age. (I’ve got some juicy stories)√√√

The realization that you are actually going to have an old age—and some money set aside to help fund it. (Oops!)

An e-mail address, a voice mailbox and a bank account—all of which nobody has access to but you. (This is a must)√√√

A résumé that is not even the slightest bit padded. (I’m working on it, does that count?)

One friend who always makes you laugh and one who lets you cry.

A set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill and a black lace bra. (Wearing it now, and Plan on getting the tools)

Something ridiculously expensive that you bought for yourself, just because you deserve it.

The belief that you deserve it.(I’m working on this too)

A skin-care regimen, an exercise routine and a plan for dealing with those few other facets of life that don’t get better after 30. (Wow, Okay… I see I have alot I’m working on… time to STOP procrastinating)

A solid start on a satisfying career, a satisfying relationship and all those other facets of life that do get better.√√√


By 30, you should know:

How to fall in love without losing yourself. ( This is one of the hardest, and it is a constant battle to learn from my mistakes)

How you feel about having kids. (I really want kids, this is a medical issue)

How to quit a job, break up with a man and confront a friend without ruining the friendship. √√√

When to try harder and when to walk away.

How to kiss in a way that communicates perfectly what you would and wouldn’t like to happen next. ( I love this one)

The names of: the secretary of state, your great-grandmother and the best tailor in town.

How to live alone, even if you don’t like to.

How to take control of your own birthday.

That you can’t change the length of your calves, the width of your hips or the nature of your parents. √√√

That your childhood may not have been perfect, but it’s over. (Noooo!)

What you would and wouldn’t do for money or love. (Is it really possible to know what you wouldn’t do for love?)

That nobody gets away with smoking, drinking, doing drugs or not flossing for very long. (Trying my damnest to quit smoking)√√√

Who you can trust, who you can’t and why you shouldn’t take it personally. (Another thing that I am working on)

Not to apologize for something that isn’t your fault. (Tough one)

Why they say life begins at 30.


As you can see, there are alot of things that I am working on. I know that I need to get my life together, and I am in the process of making some major changes. Stay Tuned, this will be a bumpy ride.


Top 5 Police Blunders of the Week

It was a particularly busy week for corrupt cops, from arson to rape to sheer ineptitude. While many deserve the top spot on today’s edition of Top 5 Police Blunders of the Week, the title ultimately goes to Providence Detective Robert DeCarlo, who recently beat a man into a coma with a flashlight…

5. John Clifford Gore You know this week’s list is well-stocked with winners if we’re starting you off with a cop charged with arson. It came as a complete shock to the town of Mineral Wells, Texas when John Clifford Gore was arrested last week. A fresh-faced family man, Gore had been on the police force for three years. The 26-year-old father of two was well-known around town. A 2001 graduate of Mineral Wells High School, Gore had never been in trouble before. People described him as a “good kid” who never showed any signs of a disturbed mind. His Facebook page was riddled with little more than excitement over his impending nuptials. But there was obviously something very wrong beneath Gore’s squeaky clean exterior.

At around 2 a.m. on February 17, Gore was pulled over in his silver Ford pickup, which matched a description given to police earlier that night in connection with a fire that had been set to a nearby building. Police said Gore smelled of gasoline and smoke. They also found a gas can in the bed of his truck. After being confronted with the evidence, Gore was arrested and quickly charged with not one but three different fires. One of the fires Gore set was in an industrial park, where a volunteer firefighter was injured and sent to the hospital. Another fire turned a former two-story army barrack into little more than rubble. The final fire was set to a family business, where more than $1 million in aviation memorabilia being saved for a future museum was destroyed. The owners were heartbroken, having known Gore since he went to school with their son. There is no news of why Gore set the fires. He is currently being held on a $95,000 bail bond. The chief of police has said that a possible accomplice has been questioned and there may be more charges pending. 

​4. Edward White We’re hoping that Corrections Officer Edward White really loves his work environment, because it doesn’t look like he’ll be leaving it any time soon. On Friday, White was arraigned on three charges of sexually exploiting an inmate. He is now being held in lieu of $100,000 bail at Chittenden Correction Facility in Vermont. 

White’s problems began last February, when a female inmate at the Northeast State Correctional Facility, where White worked as a guard, complained that he’d sexually assaulted her. The 40-year-old was suspended while Vermont State Police investigated. However, prosecutors claimed their wasn’t enough evidence to move forward with the case and White was reinstated just last month. Bad decision. In just that brief amount of time, two more inmates came forward with similar claims of White’s sexual advances just after his return. Again, White was suspended and a new investigation was launched. Now, police say they have enough evidence to charge White in all three cases, including the 2009 incident. Looks like the only jailhouse love that White will now be getting will be of the forceable sodomy variety. 

3. Pittsburgh Emergency Medical Services While paramedics aren’t cops, they are definitely charged with the important duty of maintaining the public’s safety — a task that the Pittsburgh EMS fell horrifically short of this month, thus landing them a well-deserved spot on this list.

On February 12, 50-year-old Curtis Mitchell called 911 complaining of abdominal pains. The dispatcher said an ambulance would be on its way. But half an hour later, help was no where to be found. Mitchell and his fiancée, Sharon Edge, called again. And again. And again. Finally, an ambulance did show up, not at Mitchell’s house, but at the very end of his street. Unfortunately, Mitchell got sick just as a snowstorm hit the Pittsburgh area. His house lost both electricity and gas. And his street, covered in over 15 inches of snow, had yet to be plowed. The paramedics were worried they’d get stuck. They were also, apparently, the laziest EMS workers in America. Instead of trying to make it to Mitchell, they had a dispatcher call his house and ask him to walk down to their truck. Edge explained that Mitchell was, obviously, in too much pain to walk and asked that the paramedics come to them instead. But they never did. After three days, over 10 calls to 911, and not one attempt on the part of paramedics to walk to the house, Mitchell died a very unnecessary death. None of the EMS workers have been disciplined, even though Pittsburgh’s Public Safety Director Michael Huss has said that if they had just done their job — gotten out of their truck and walked down the street — Mitchell would still be alive.

2. Camden Police Department Pittsburgh isn’t the only city that appears to be suffering from the general ineptitude of public safety personnel. Looks like Camden, New Jersey has its own share of corruption as well. Four Camden police officers were recently suspended after an FBI investigation into the city’s Police Department turned up a heap of dysfunction. It turns out that Antonio Figueroa, Jason Stetser, Kevin Parry, and Robert Bayard were all behaving more like mobsters than police officers. The four cops were busted for everything from railroading suspects to pocketing drugs and money while frisking people. New Jersey Public Defender Yvonne Smith Segars has said that she hasn’t seen corruption on this scale in over a quarter of a century. 

Thanks to the reckless behavior of these four cops, 30 convictions have already been vacated because of their actions. Some of those people might belong in jail too, if it wasn’t for tainted evidence and general police bungling. At least one man found himself in prison after police officers planted drugs on him after he refused to snitch on drug dealers in the area. Two of three cases have been dropped against him. Officials are expecting a slew of other cases to be tossed out as well. It must be bad since the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office refuses to comment on how many more bad convictions it has on its hand. Similarly, the FBI refuses to comment on its investigation, which is still ongoing and, in the past few months, has spiraled into a full-blown scandal as more officers face impending suspensions and, likely, criminal charges.

1. Robert DeCarlo We’re pretty sure that whatever Luis Mendoca was up to on the night of October 20 wasn’t entirely kosher. But we’re also sure that a coma wasn’t exactly what he deserved, either. On that night, Providence, Rhode Island police were called to a parking lot near the Rhode Island School of Design, where, apparently, they were trying to apprehend a burglary suspect. That’s when Detective Robert DeCarlo showed up. The 45-year-old had been on the force for more than 16 years and working as a detective for nearly 6 1/2.  However, footage from a security camera betrays the kind of behavior one would expect from a seasoned officer. By the time DeCarlo arrived on the scene, officers had already placed 20-year-old Mendoca in handcuffs. But that didn’t seem to stop DeCarlo from doing what he did next.

On tape, you can see DeCarlo kicking and punching Mendoca as he lies on the ground, surrounded by a swarm of officers and security guards. On several occasions, DeCarlo can also be seen bashing his flashlight into the suspects head until Mendoca goes limp and the cops then drag his body up a flight of steps. After the incident, Mendoca landed in the hospital, where he received 12 staples to a gash in his head and laid in a coma for two days. Still, it was Mendoca who was charged, not DeCarlo. In December, Mendoca was sentenced to one year of probation for assaulting RISD security guards. He is currently being held by US Immigration for possible deportation, too. However, shortly after Mendoca’s sentence was handed down, the security footage from that night was released to the public. And it appears that DeCarlo was the only one doing any of the attacking. The Providence Police Department finally suspended DeCarlo and launched an investigation into the case. On Monday, a grand jury indicted DeCarlo on charges of assault with a dangerous weapon. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison. (Source)

Please Rob Me!!

Pleaserobme.com pulls together updates on Twitter from people who broadcast where they are at any given time, it is making the point that if people are telling the world they are not at home, they are leaving themselves open to be burgled. The Dutch website lists “all those empty homes out there” and providing a running total of “new opportunities”.

The developers of the site took just a few hours to put up the site after thousands began posting updates about where they are in the online social game Foursquare. Users of Foursquare, a Twitter-type application, check in on their mobile phone to record their position on a map, indicating where they are – and where they are not.

Website developers Boy Van Amstel, Frank Groeneveld and Barry Borsboom said they did not want to encourage criminals, only to remind people that sharing information on the internet carried its own risks. They say on the site: “Our intention is not, and never has been, to have people burglarised. On one end we’re leaving lights on when we’re going on a holiday, and on the other we’re telling everybody on the internet we’re not home.” “Don’t get us wrong, we love the whole location-aware thing. The information is very interesting and can be used to create some pretty awesome applications. However, the way in which people are stimulated to participate in sharing this information, is less awesome. Services like Foursquare allow you to fulfill some primeval urge to colonize the planet. A part of that is letting everyone know you own that specific spot. You get to tell where you are and if you’re there first, it’s yours. O, and of course there’s badges”.

For Example: This is straight from their website Feb 27th 2010 12:45 am

They say the goal of this website is to raise some awareness on this issue and have people think about how they use services like Foursquare, Brightkite, Google Buzz etc. Because all this site is, is a dressed up Twitter search page. Everybody can get this information.But Simon Davies, director of the Privacy International campaign group, said the website was “completely and totally irresponsible”. “What they have actually achieved is providing a one-stop-shop for burglars rather than achieve their goals, which are to raise awareness.”

The Fastest Thing


An office manager was given the task of hiring an individual to fill a job opening. After sorting through a stack of resumes he found four people who were equally qualified. He decided to call the four in and ask them one question and their answer would determine who would get the job.

The day came and as the four sat around the conference room table the interviewer asked, “What is the fastest thing you know of?” pointing to the man on his right.

The first man replied, “A thought. It pops into your head. There’s no forewarning that it’s on the way, it’s just there. A thought is the fastest thing I know of.”

“That’s very good!” replied the interviewer. “And now you sir?” He asked the second man.

“Hmm….let me see, A blink! It comes and goes and you don’t know it ever happened. A blink is the fastest thing I know of.”

“Excellent!” said the interviewer. “The blink of an eye. That’s a very popular cliché for speed.”

Then he turned to the third man who was contemplating his reply. “Well, out at my dad’s ranch, you step out of the house and on the wall there’s a light switch, when you flip that switch, way out across the pasture the light at the barn comes on in an instant. Turning a light is the fastest thing I can think of.”

The interviewer was very impressed with The third answer and thought he had found his man. “It’s hard to beat the speed of light.” he said. Turning to the fourth man, he posed the same question.

“After hearing the three previous answers, it’s obvious to me that the fastest thing known is diarrhea.”

“WHAT!?” said the interviewer, stunned by the response.

“Oh I can explain.” said the fourth man. “You see the other day I wasn’t feeling so well and ran for the bathroom. But, before I could think, blink or turn on the light, I’d shit my pants!”

The truth will set you free…

A young mother who falsely cried rape, sending an innocent man to prison for nearly four years, will experience firsthand what he suffered — she’ll spend one to three years behind bars for perjury. “I wish her the best of luck,” said William McCaffrey last night of Biurny Peguero Gonzalez. “Jail isn’t easy.”

McCaffrey, 33, of The Bronx, was locked up after Gonzalez accused him of raping her at knifepoint on a Bronx street back in 2005. It was a lie she repeated to doctors, cops, prosecutors, a grand jury and the jury that convicted McCaffrey. “What happened in this case is one of the worst things that can possibly happen in our criminal-justice system,” Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Charles Solomon said as he pronounced sentence.

McCaffrey said he has some sympathy for Gonzalez and hopes she “doesn’t go through what I went though. “I was an accused rapist in prison,” he said, adding that in prison, “rape is the worst crime possible.” All is clearly not forgiven. A person who would “lie and paint somebody as a rapist is worse than a real rapist or a real murderer,” McCaffrey said He also blamed “the arresting officers, the prosecution.” Everyone, he said, “wanted to believe the lie, the ADA [assistant district attorney] first and foremost.” Judge Solomon said, “It’s hard to imagine why anyone could have done this.”

It turned out Gonzalez robbed McCaffrey of four years of his life for the most trivial of reasons. She’d been hanging out with a group of girlfriends when she accepted an invitation to get into his car. After she returned, her pals were furious that she’d ditched them — so she made up the rape story to gain their sympathy.

She will be eligible for parole in a year — after serving a one-quarter of the time her victim was imprisoned. Gonzalez was taken away after making a tearful apology to McCaffrey, who was not in court. She also begged for mercy on behalf of her two sons, ages 3 months and 7 years.

“To Mr. McCaffrey, I am aware that nothing I do or say to him can bring back the years he spent in jail,” she said. “I want him to know I will carry this guilt for the rest of my life.” Gonzalez, 27, had recanted her story last year after new DNA evidence proved she’d been lying and a priest to whom she’d confessed urged her to come clean. Gonzalez had repeatedly insisted she was “110 percent” sure McCaffrey had raped her after they met in Inwood, in upper Manhattan, and she drunkenly accepted a ride.

“It was a complete and utter lie,” Assistant DA Evan Krutoy told Judge Solomon. The outraged prosecutor asked that she be sentenced to two to six years “so that there’s a chance that she will serve what he served.” Krutoy conceded that Gonzalez — with a previously clean record — looked like a good candidate for probation. But ultimately, she needed to serve time, Krutoy said, “because of the extent of harm that she caused . . . She came into court and she lied.” Her lie — blurted out as her girlfriends were slapping her around — took on a life of its own, fueled in part by McCaffrey’s long rap sheet of violent arrests.

Gonzalez could have pulled the plug on the prosecution at any time, but instead she watched McCaffrey get sent up the river for a rape he never committed. Her lawyer, Paul Callan, conceded of the perjury, “It is not defensible.” He insisted that Gonzalez suffered horrible abandonment and sexual abuse as a young teen, and has now had “a spiritual awakening.” “She is not the same person as the one who committed this crime at age 22,” Callan said. The lawyer said that at their first meeting, she’d told him, “I don’t care what happens to me. You have to get Mr. McCaffrey out of jail.”

This chick should be given no less than ten years for her lies that imprisoned an innocent man. Her sentencing should be given wide spread media attention so that it will serve as a warning to other would be rape victims liars.

Forget them dollars, Show me the $$$$ – Pole dancing could be recognized as a sport and headed to the Olympics


After longtime association with seedy clubs, g-strings and clear heels, pole dancing is looking to shimmy its way into more athletic surroundings… the Olympics! A group of advocates for the “sport” are pushing to be added to the 2012 Olympics in London.

Pole Dancing Competitions are being held all over the world and is a great way of increasing the Pole Dancing for Fitness profile. The Pole Dancing moves display skills that require strength, co-ordination, flexibility and performance. Pole Dancing is now recognized as a form of fitness and theatrical entertainment and can be enjoyed by all ages. By promoting Pole Dancing Competitions we are helping to extinguish negative attitudes which devalue the name of Pole Dance and help to highlight the complex physicality of this performance art Pole Dancing it is now being accepted by society more than ever. (Source)

Still, pole dancing? In the Olympics?

Absolutely, say thousands of pole dancers and the rapidly growing number of international and national federations transforming what was once the exclusive property of strip clubs and cheap bars into a respectable — and highly athletic — event. “I could definitely see pole dancing in the Olympics,” said Sato, who, a dancer since the age of three, out-twirled a bevy of athletes from 11 countries at the second International Pole Dancing Fitness Championships in Tokyo two months ago. “I would love to win a gold medal.” It’s admittedly a high bar.

Established sports such as squash and cricket have failed to make the Olympics, baseball and softball were recently cut, and the International Olympic Committee’s decision to end its support of non-official, demonstration sports after the Summer Games in 1992 has made gaining a foothold, the way judo and taekwondo did, all that much harder. Also, pole dancing needs to first gain IOC recognition as a sport — which would undoubtedly be an uphill battle.

 “It’s just a matter of time before pole dancing gets Olympic recognition,” says Ania Przeplasko of Hong Kong, founder of the International Pole Dancing Fitness Association. “There will be a day when the Olympics see pole dancing as a sport,” she told The Associated Press. “The Olympic community needs to acknowledge the number of people doing pole fitness now. We’re shooting for 2012.” It’s already too late for any new sports to be added to the London Games. But the IOC decision to end its support of exhibition sports after Barcelona has not completely closed the door on Olympic hopefuls looking for a way to showcase their skills — Beijing did it with the martial art wushu.

Pole dance advocates note that more unlikely sports have gotten the IOC’s approval. Tug of war, for example, was one of the early Olympic medal contests. Equestrian events are in the Olympics, but who owns a horse? Curling, which virtually no one pays any attention to in non-Olympic years, has become one of the Winter Games’ biggest darlings.  Though they are not in the games, the IOC recognises such obscure sporting endeavors as boules, power-boating, bandy and floor-ball.

KT Coates, a prominent pole dancer in England and director of Vertical Dance, is leading the Olympic push. “After a great deal of feedback from the pole-dance community, many of us have decided that it’s about time pole fitness is recognized as a competitive sport, and what better way for recognition than to be part of the 2012 Olympics held in London,” she said in a petition she’s preparing for organizers of the London Olympics. Coates added that the prospective sport “has the wow factor.” While her petition now has about 4,000 signatures, she is hoping to add 1,000 more. Some dancers aren’t so sure about pole dancing at the Olympics because they worry that the sensual aspect of the discipline would be destroyed, and that old-school pole dancers might be pushed aside by gymnasts, circus performers and Chinese acrobats who could easily pick up the moves. “I don’t need to see pole dancing in the Olympics,” U.S. Pole Dance Federation co-founder Wendy Traskos said. “I don’t think this is necessarily the path that we need to take, as a sport.” But Traskos notes that the notion of pole dancers competing for Olympic medals isn’t as farfetched as it was five years ago.

Traskos, a former competitive gymnast who lives in New York, believes pole dancing needs to do more groundwork before it shoots for the Olympics. In particular, scoring for competitions needs to be standardized, she said, adding that the names of the techniques vary among different clubs in different regions. “I feel there are many small, tiny, steps that need to be taken before this sport, or any sport, can get into the Olympics,” she said. “We are on, like, tiny step 10 of 1,000.” Nevertheless, she said pole dancers on the medal podium is not as wild a dream as it might have seemed just five years ago. (Source)

 “Winning the Gold Medal for the USA ….  It’s Candy, Hailing from the Deja Vu in Dallas Texas”. I personally don’t currently watch the Olympics, but, I would definitely start if they added the Pole dancing competition.  I wonder if they would keep the same music though? I can just imagine the girls dancing to Lil Kim or Tweet… WOW

Freak Of The Week – Feb 21- Feb 27


I usually try and do a post on two “Freaks’ but in this case, I will have to settle for 1 & 1/2.  You will understand what I mean as you keep reading.

 This is a damn shame, either this is a hoax ( let’s hope so) or this lady has some real issues that are not going to end up good. Why in the hell would you do this to yourself? And put that baby in danger… *SMH*