10 Simple Ways To Treat A Man Like A King


 Last week Blogxilla.com wrote an article explaining “How to treat a woman like a queen“.  I blessed you with a souped of version of that here on my own blog. ( 2 Love-n-Hate’s version). This week they want to let the ladies know how to treat their men like kings.   



 Men are simply creatures, and all a woman has to do is make a sandwich, shut up, and be ready in the bedroom. While that is enough to make a man happy there is a lot more a woman should do, know and understand in order to please her man. 


  • He’s not a cat, and she not a mouse, so stop playing hard to get. Simply put, stop the games. Women like to play hard to get, they enjoy having a man chase them. These tricks may seem to work, but if a guy is busy, he’s not going to pay you any attention or play any games with you, because he’s too busy being successful. Stop the games, it’s okay to like someone, and let them like you.  




  •  Throwing it in the bag, means exactly that! So throw it in the bag and let’s go already. Men find that women take too long shopping. Women hold major debates in their head and can spend hours picking out shoes, a blouse or a simple accessory. While us men do respect your style, and creativity, we don’t want to sit in any store while a woman goes through a long drawn out thought process of which Loubouton shoes goes with the Gucci dress. Go shopping alone, or she should allow her man to roam around the mall while she shops. When he starts to look frustrated, react and wrap it up. 




  • The toilet is his throne, so please respect it. A woman should never talk to her man while he’s on the toilet. If he talks to her while he’s on the toilet answer his question, but don’t ask him anything that requires him to think.


  • When the game is on, its okay to talk, but don’t get on his nerves. Sports is the vice of many a man and we are fully aware of the time it takes for the game to end. It’s totally all right to talk to us or hold a conversation during the game, but critical relationship decisions cannot be made during game time. Don’t ask us about what’s going on, or anything like that; simply hold a conversation about something, men DON’T know how to multitask


  • Big boys need hugs too. Give him a hug from time to time.



  • A man is more than a penis, with a wallet. Men have emotions too, and just like a man needs to be courteous of her emotions, she should be courteous of his. Do something to make him feel better when he is discouraged, recognize his achievements and comfort him when he fails.



  • Have more orgasms, even if you fake it. Men can care less if you fake it, but make it believable. A woman’s moans are some of the best sounds in the world allow us to hear beauty. FYI you suck at faking it too, men just don’t care.


  • Oral sex rocks and I want it all the time.




  • Swagger is important. Men hate picking out outfits, so please don’t ask us what you should wear. A woman is smart enough to dress herself, but FYI men love when they get to show the world his sexy woman. So when it comes to get dressed, the sexier the better.



  • Did I mention about how much we love oral sex?  


  • Let’s get drunk and forget what we did. Men love a woman who drinks and knows how to hold her liquor. One of the biggest turn off for a lot of men is a woman who doesn’t drink, and a woman who can’t handle her liquor. The last thing we find sexy is having to carry our women out of the club, bar or party. Drinking is cool, sloppy drunks suck.

  At the end of the day we all should be aware of each other’s needs and make sure your lover’s needs are being meet. (source)



  1. I love your pictures! lol

    • Is this from the real Xilla? If so, I hope you don’t mind me using your content… I make sure to give props where props are due. I have only been doing my own blog since December, and I haven’t really perfected it yet. But thanks, if this is indeed the real mastermind… I love your site.

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