Freak Of The Week – Jan 31- Feb 6


Kelis was spotted at the First Annual Data Awards at the Hollywood Palladium recently. This is nothing but sad. Kelis doesn’t need to go to this extreme to be noticed, her body is on point, but the outfit… epic fail…….. Please stop smoking whatever it is you are smoking Kelis.

I’m speechless…

Maybe Not…

 WHY? What the hell happened here? Was this an Avatar-themed fancy dress party? Because we could’ve sworn it was the First Annual Data Awards? Has Kelis just seen  recent pictures of Amber Rose and thought, “Hell, I can do WAY better than that! No one puts Kelis in the corner, bitch!” And is everyone who wears those Alexander McQueen shoes going to try to compete with Gaga? Does Alexander McQueen know what he’s unleashed here?

I’m confused, and also a little frightened. By the way, we can see camel toe.  Okay, so the outfit/shoes/hair are pretty terrifying in of themselves, but did anyone notice the truly awful thing? The chain nose ring that goes to her ears? I’m especially freaked out by the long ass false eyelashes on her bottom lids, it looks like her eyes are growing a blonde beard. The outfit even makes her look a bit heavier too. I have no idea how this could ever have been seen as a good idea.