14 Great Valentine’s Day Idea For Valentine’s Day Weekend – Part 1

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and people are thinking about all type of Valentine’s Day ideas to wow their ladies. So in an effort to help ease the stress of thinking about wonderful Valentine’s Day ideas, BlogXilla.com has compiled a list of dates and bed room moves to blow your lovers mind.   

3 Quality Date Ideas To Get Naked



  • Strip Poker: Well It doesn’t have to be poker, it can be anything. I am the king of playing a game for clothes. I have played strip dominoes, strip chess, and strip spit or speed. Depending on what you call the card game. Set some rules, and make them fun, if you’re playing chess, every piece is an article of clothing or every hand is a garment. Create a wild card, or a wild piece. Example if you’re playing Monopoly whoever buys Baltic ave or lands on it has to do a special trick. Just be creative when you make your rules and you’ll be destined to have a fun night.


  • Plan A Sexy Photo Shoot: I know I said this before, but I love the female body. I recently purchased a very expensive camera, so you’ll find me taking pictures of random things, but shouldn’t I incorporate this into my love life? I’m planning on visiting my boo soon and I plan on bringing my camera. I am going to take her to buy a nice outfit or help her find one in her closet and we are going to have a photo shoot.  Set up in the room and snap away. She should do some sexy poses and he should snap and snap. Even give her the camera and let her take some pics of him. Now some ladies might be scared where the pictures might end up, but there is no reason why the couple can’t enjoy the pics together for a night, delete them and then plan another photo shoot on another night. Who knows you might end up with some amazing body art for your living room, bed room or wall.


  • Bubble Baths & Back Rubs – There is nothing sexier than running a bath for your boo. While this is a very romantic idea, it can be even better if you do one simple thing. Rent a room. Most luxury hotels have either a jacuzzi or an amazing bathroom. Use this to your advantage. Ladies can run a bath for their man, and men can set the jacuzzi for their woman. Scented oils and candles, body lotions and massages can go a long way towards making a regular date night one your lover will never forget. Then once you’re done playing in the bathroom, talking, and drinking bring your boo to the bed, dry them off and give them an amazing massage. NOTE: A massage from your boo doesn’t have to be on par w/ a masseuse it simply needs to happen. A lot of times we’ll write off this idea because we feel like we suck at giving massages, but you just simply need to feel on your partner and things will be great. (Source