14 Great Valentine’s Day Idea For Valentine’s Day Weekend – Part 2

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and people are thinking about all type of Valentine’s Day ideas to wow their ladies. So in an effort to help ease the stress of thinking about wonderful Valentine’s Day ideas, BlogXilla.com has compiled a list of dates and bed room moves to blow your lovers mind. 


11 Fantastic Things To Do On Valentine’s Day That Will Leave Her Open

Dates can be fun, if they are not predictable, but in my travels I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of people don’t know how to go on a good date. All too often the first date is an overly expensive movie, where a good conversation cannot be held.  Then after you’ve been dating for a while, you end up back at the movies or your favorite restaurant. So I’m sharing a few dating tips that are bound to get you laid. 

The date doesn’t start once you reach your destination, it begins as soon as you first see the person. So why not start having fun as soon as you lock eyes. Set up stages to a date:

Dancing Machine: Ladies, turn on some music and do a dance for your man, while he sits in the living room. It would be a good treat for him since he had to wait for you to put the finishing touches on your outfit. You’ll send a message that you’re ready to have fun and it’s something different and exciting that will kick the night off right.


 Ruin Your Dinner: Another fun thing you can do is stop by Godiva and pick up a box of chocolates, Having a small piece of chocolate before you go out is a fun, especially if you feed them to each other and then it’s a nice gift she doesn’t have to lug around the whole night like a single rose.

In Early Out Later: A lot of fun things start around midnight, but that doesn’t mean the date has to start then, why not transform your house into a sensual and romantic place. I used to have a red light bulb that I would put in when I had company, but you can also put some scarfs over your lamps, light some candles and oils and your favorite adult beverage, and enjoy each other. You can talk, kiss, or whatever and really build a connection to the soul.

Hold Her Hand: Flowers are great, but holding hands at the dinner table, or during the movies, or while walking down the street is a good way to say I think you’re awesome! (Or I love you)

Kiss Her On The Cheek: Sure giving her a long wet tongue can lead to other things, but surprising her with a soft kiss on the cheek is just as great.

What’s Next: Valentine’s Day is only one day, but have a nice long conversation about tomorrow. By tomorrow, I mean the future, and by future, I don’t mean the rest of your life, but more like next year. Let her know you plan on sticking around for a while.

Order Extra Dessert: Always order a dessert  or two for Valentine’s Day. Jessica Alba told me you order two, the one she really wants and the one she has to eat because she’s watching her figure.

A Date Isn’t Always A Date: Sometimes you might not be alone, it could be at an office function, a group outing at a friends house or something like that. So here is what you can do, send each other some naughty text messages. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Waiters and waitresses listen to your conversation while you’re at dinner. So by sending text messages you can keep the naughty stuff a secret from ear hustlers and other nosey people. If you’re really feeling naughty, excuse yourself from the table and send a naughty picture message from the bathroom. Kinky I know, but it’s fun.

Dress Like It’s Sunday: Now I don’t mean put on some church clothes, but put on your Saturday or Friday night best. That F*ck Me dress or those F*ck Me pumps. The visual can take you a long way.

Send A Hint: I was on a date once, and my shorty started feeling me up with her foot. You ladies might not know how far a game of footsie can go, but I’m telling you, it you play this little game you get a gang load of cool points.  

The Body Shop: If you live with your boo, then after you get home, let them enjoy your body. As soon as you walk into the door take off your clothes, head to the bathroom, turn on the shower or run a bath, and invite them in to wash your back. Be sure you had a good date, because if you loving couples spent half of the night having dumb arguments you’re not going to want to try this one right here. (Source)