When Family & Friends can’t help you out, just ask Yahoo!

When life throws you a curve ball, Just ask Yahoo! answers. The following are some very interesting life questions that I’m sure you have been searching for.

I don’t know if this was supposed to be a silly question for some bored high school student or if someone actually was concerned. If this was indeed a sincere question than I think that this person should be banned from reproducing.

Poor fella, he obviously has access to the internet, so therefore he could have gone and googled the answer to his question, instead he found it necessary to ask Yahoo!.

Well, I don’t know what ‘The Badger”  does for a living, but I sure hope this person suffering from this noise phobia doesn’t listen to him. But, then again, if they are counting on the publics help in a situation like this, then they should also count on crazy people to answer. 

My husband usually smells like AXE body spray, he recently bought a new deodorant, do you think he is cheating?…LOL WTF?

You also have to die your hair black, wear a trench coat in the summer and shorts in the winter… oh, and make sure you have plenty of chains hanging from your clothes… Good Luck

Yeah, I think this is another attention seeking lonely dude, searching for anyone to answer him. I guess the 1-900 #’s blocked his number.

Wow… I’m speechless