Ladies… Touch Him There!

 We touched on this subject a while ago and highlighted the various erogenous zones women have and where they liked to be caressed, kissed and nibbled, but today, we’re going in for the fellas. Make no mistake about it, men have plenty of “hot spots” too, but are they overlooked? Men like special attention so ladies ask yourself, do you neglect to love every inch of their man from head to toe and go straight for the obvious? Subtle touches, grazing your lips along his jawline while whispering his name in his ear go a long way! Next go round, take your time with your man and drive him wild with desire. So ladies take the wheel and ignite the passion! Take a look at the erogenous zones that will have him ready to pounce!

Nape of the Neck and Scalp y’all know this place right at the hairline, and pressure is everything. Give him some firm pressure with your fingertips and rub circles along the sides and back of his neck. Then lighten the pressure to a graze behind his ears and work your way to his scalp and give it a gentle scratch. If you’re doing it right he’ll move his head in the direction where he wants more attention. Once he’s putty in your hands, graduate to nibbles. Moisten your lips and moan on his neck while you tell him how sexy he is, the vibrations of your voice will go directly where they need to be!

Lips who doesn’t love a set of juicy lips, right? So enjoy them!! Start with kissing the corners of his mouth and tease him a bit. Lightly caress his bottom lip with your thumb and follow it with your tongue just to wet them up. So here’s the deal, you have to test the boundaries to gauge the intensity. If he’s wanting to roughhouse he’ll let you bite and will likely bite back, but if he’s content with the nibbles, be easy and just love on him.

Nipples and Pecs – this is a “no, no” for some, but men’s nipples are just as sensitive as women’s. If your man takes care of his body and hits the gym often, this should be just as fun for you as it is for him! If he pays close attention to his chest, you should too! Work every inch of his chest EXCEPT for the nipples at first. Kiss, massage and lick his chest and around his nipples. Once you’ve got him revved up lightly caress and lick his nipples, play with pressure to see what most pleasurable to him, be it firm squeezing or feather-like touch, find out what it is and work it out.

Ears fact: there are loads of nerve endings on and around the ears. Earlobes are great for bite and nibbles, but don’t forget the area surrounding his ear. That space just behind the ear on the neck is a hot spot! Moist lips and whispering here are sure to get you in trouble. Again, moans, heavy breathing and dirty talk are well appreciated when you’re in this area.

Neck neck play is a must! Devour it. Okay, not really but this is a place where your hands can be in other places. The element of surprise always makes for good fun. Walk up on your man, reach down his pants, give his buns a good squeeze and kiss/lick on his neck. This doesn’t have to be at a time where you can stop what you’re doing and get it in, this way you’re teasing each other, which builds excitement, which builds the rest!

Shoulders and Back believe it or not, it builds arousal. Fingertips down the spine and right at the cleft of his buns sent chills through the body … use your tongue times those chills by 10! This is where you can explore your man’s body and get to know the areas that maybe he didn’t know were highly sensitive. Be creative though, he can be coaxed with a massage. Straddle his back sans the panties! You’re warmth along with your touch is just the right combo … not too overwhelming which will allow him to enjoy.

Glans Head okay, it’s a no brainer the head of the penis is super sensitive! Good focused attention to his penis head is, obviously, going to get you results, but be creative! Did you know that if you massage the very tip at the opening it make his erection much more intense? Use your fingertip and try circles or simple up and down strokes and watch what happens. You can also straddle him a grind on it or rub various part of your body over it. Creativity is key!

Okay ladies, here’s the deal. Chances are you won’t even be able to get through one or more of these zones without him trying to devour you! So be strong, hold off and make him wait until you’ve had your way with him. Harder than it sounds but the both of you will love it! (Source)


How To Leave A Woman Begging For More

Women want attention, time and a bunch of other things that God put into some sort of complex algorithm that make women absolutely awesome. So it’s up to the man to figure out these things, and when he does, he will have a woman begging for more. Unless of course she’s a complete freak with a vagina big enough to swallow a 2-liter soda bottle in one squat. So how does a man do this? He does this by doing a few things.

Keep It Real:

  • Tell a woman exactly what you’re thinking. It is a fact that woman don’t want to be lied to, at least most of the time. Telling the woman the truth will make her fall in love with you for nothing else but you’re realness. Now keep in mind that this is a double edge sword because if you’re not her type you could just be telling her everything about yourself that she just doesn’t want in a man.

Don’t Be A Girly Man:

  • Women want a man, and although Ralph Tresvant said she needs a man with sensitivity a woman’s shoulders are not made for crying. Put some bass in your voice, tell her what’s going to happen, when it will happen and make it happen. Sometimes you just have to be a man and do man things. Women find men sexy and if they wanted a woman they’d be lesbians. So cut out the female traits and act like you got a pair.

Tell Her What You’re Going To Do.

  • I found myself asking a woman what are we doing tonight, and this is a big mistake. You know why it’s a big mistake? Because I am a man, a man who is more creative than a single mother with a limited budget that has to feed and clothed their child. A man should make plans and not have the woman trying to figure out what it is she wants to do. Sure a guy wants to make sure she is happy during the date, but a well thought out date can get you from a kiss goodnight to breakfast in the morning.

Help Her Out

  • Men get lazy when it comes to a woman and often they are just there to provide penis and good times. Men should be partners with a woman, do chores, if she cooks you dinner clean the kitchen, help her do her laundry, sweep the floor and do more than just take out the trash.

Do a Bunch Of Things:

  • A man should be a gentleman, talk about his mother and talk about the future. Women love this because it allows her to see him in a new light. Men are more than just sex, but often men forget that and it leaves women in a bind to where the relationship is just sex. And while sex is great love needs more to become reality.

A lot of women like jerks and find themselves caught up and end up getting their heads all messed up because they can’t figure out how a man could be so cruel and heartless. Thank You

Lil Wayne set to test how jails handle celebs

NEW YORK – Lil Wayne may be a self-professed gangsta with the gunshot wound to prove it, but he’s made plenty clear how he feels about doing time behind bars. “I’d rather be pushin’ flowers,” he raps in 2008’s “A Milli,” “than to be in the pen sharin’ showers.”

At the apex of a career that has made him one of music’s biggest sellers, the Grammy-winning artist is expected to start a yearlong jail term Tuesday after pleading guilty in a New York City gun case. It would make him the latest in a string of rappers to go to jail after rising to fame — and the latest celebrity inmate to test law enforcement officials’ ability to draw the line between providing special treatment and recognizing potential risks to high-profile convicts. “It’s not about setting (a celebrity) on a bed of roses, but it is about an obligation to every inmate to keep him safe.”

For now, jail officials say only that they will assess the multiplatinum-selling Lil Wayne as they do every other new arrival and find an appropriate place for him among the city’s roughly 13,000 inmates. He might follow the path of rapper Foxy Brown, who spent about eight months in 2007 and 2008 in city jails on a probation violation after pleading guilty to assault in a fracas at a nail salon. Because of threats against her, she was held largely in protective custody in a cell of her own, with access to a day room, said Horn.

Defense lawyer Stacey Richman said she intends to ask for protective custody for Lil Wayne, as well as for attention to dental problems that postponed his sentencing by two weeks. “If Wayne had his druthers, he would not be asking for anything for himself,” Richman said, but she said she was concerned for his health and safety.

Some jail officials prefer to hold even famous convicts in circumstances as ordinary as possible — a desire the inmates sometimes share. Prison consultant Herbert J. Hoelter, whose clients have included epic fraudster Bernard Madoff and NFL quarterback Michael Vick, generally tells clients not to request anything special. Otherwise, “you’ll be viewed by other inmates and the prison system as thinking that you’re ‘more deserving,'” he says. Prison officials have good reasons to try to treat famous inmates like any others, lest they face criticism for catering to celebrities. But if celebrities shouldn’t get coddled, they also face particular risks behind bars, prison experts and defense lawyers say. Fellow prisoners may want to make a name for themselves by challenging famous inmates — or cozying up to them in hopes of sharing in their fame after release. For that reason, New York state prisons sometimes put celebrities together in protective custody units, where they interact with each other but not the prison population at large, spokeswoman Linda Foglia said.

 Some celebrities find their stature an asset behind bars. “I get a lot of love from the inmates. They are familiar with my work, watching my growth over my career,” rapper Gucci Mane recently told The Associated Press from the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, where he is serving a six-month sentence on a probation violation. “I love the fact that I’m a rapper. But behind these walls, I’m just another African-American coming up in the South. A lot of these brothas share the same with me. We have a bond.”

Lil Wayne, 27, pleaded guilty in October to attempted criminal possession of a weapon, admitting having a loaded gun on his tour bus in July 2007. He could end up serving only about eight months with good behavior. The artist — who accidentally shot himself in the chest when he was 12 and told interviewer Katie Couric “I’m a gangsta” last year — has been a rapper since his teens and a superstar in recent years. His “Tha Carter III” — a reference to his real name, Dwayne Carter — was the best-selling album of 2008. His latest album, “Rebirth,” was released this month. (Source)