How To Leave A Woman Begging For More

Women want attention, time and a bunch of other things that God put into some sort of complex algorithm that make women absolutely awesome. So it’s up to the man to figure out these things, and when he does, he will have a woman begging for more. Unless of course she’s a complete freak with a vagina big enough to swallow a 2-liter soda bottle in one squat. So how does a man do this? He does this by doing a few things.

Keep It Real:

  • Tell a woman exactly what you’re thinking. It is a fact that woman don’t want to be lied to, at least most of the time. Telling the woman the truth will make her fall in love with you for nothing else but you’re realness. Now keep in mind that this is a double edge sword because if you’re not her type you could just be telling her everything about yourself that she just doesn’t want in a man.

Don’t Be A Girly Man:

  • Women want a man, and although Ralph Tresvant said she needs a man with sensitivity a woman’s shoulders are not made for crying. Put some bass in your voice, tell her what’s going to happen, when it will happen and make it happen. Sometimes you just have to be a man and do man things. Women find men sexy and if they wanted a woman they’d be lesbians. So cut out the female traits and act like you got a pair.

Tell Her What You’re Going To Do.

  • I found myself asking a woman what are we doing tonight, and this is a big mistake. You know why it’s a big mistake? Because I am a man, a man who is more creative than a single mother with a limited budget that has to feed and clothed their child. A man should make plans and not have the woman trying to figure out what it is she wants to do. Sure a guy wants to make sure she is happy during the date, but a well thought out date can get you from a kiss goodnight to breakfast in the morning.

Help Her Out

  • Men get lazy when it comes to a woman and often they are just there to provide penis and good times. Men should be partners with a woman, do chores, if she cooks you dinner clean the kitchen, help her do her laundry, sweep the floor and do more than just take out the trash.

Do a Bunch Of Things:

  • A man should be a gentleman, talk about his mother and talk about the future. Women love this because it allows her to see him in a new light. Men are more than just sex, but often men forget that and it leaves women in a bind to where the relationship is just sex. And while sex is great love needs more to become reality.

A lot of women like jerks and find themselves caught up and end up getting their heads all messed up because they can’t figure out how a man could be so cruel and heartless. Thank You