SUCKS TO BE… Ron Sterr

Once upon a time, Principal Ron Sterr of Litchfield Elementary School in Arizona wrote a very funny letter as a joke. A joke that was supposed to be kept a secret. A joke that no-one other than his friends at work were supposed to know about. Then one day, someone who didn’t like Principal Sterr very much decided to be a big meanie and send the funny letter home to the school children’s parents, who didn’t find the letter very funny at all.

The lesson of this story, kids: Never pass a note that you don’t want everyone to see. Because now, instead of being the boss of Litchfield Elementary, Principal Sterr will be wearing a shirt with “Ron” stitched on it while digging SpongeBob toys out of the lavatory urinals.

The actual letter, which in our opinion, should earn Principal Sterr a huge promotion: