Saudi Arabian Man Sentenced To 1,000 Lashes & 5 Years In Lock-Up For Kissing & Telling

Who remembers the good old days when men would gather and brag about the latest girl/jumpoff that they might have smashed?

In August, Mazen Abdul-Jawad, a 32-year-old former Saudi Arabian airline employee appeared on an Arabic satellite channel to tell his story over the air on the show “Bold Red Line”, which aired on the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation network. He discussed – without reservation and in great detail – his sexual likes and dislikes, his favorite sex toys and how he lost his virginity to a neighbor at the age of 14. Mazen Abdul Jawad described how he picked up women in the ultra-conservative Muslim Kingdom, brought them to his bedroom and had sex with them. 

Jawad did not use a disguise when he discussed his sex life on the show. And in a society in which sex is never discussed, that fact alone could have been the most shocking piece of this bizarre story. Jawad invited the crew to his red-themed strangely decorated bedroom where Mickey Mouse meets stuffed bears in sexually suggestive positions. The cameras gave audiences a glimpse of the room’s nightclub-like chandeliers mixed with seafood-shaped wall sconces, perfume bottles, sex toys, condoms and a book in Arabic that Jawad calls his “reference” entitled ‘101 Questions About Sex.’

His comments came with a heavy backlash, people all over the Middle East were quick to condemn his comments and the station that gave him a platform to commit the “sin” of “bragging about his wrongdoing.” Almost 200 complaints were sent from viewers resulting in an apology from Abdul-Jawad. According to him, he had been tricked by the producers of the show to spill some of his stories on air.  Sulaiman Jumaie, his lawyer, added that owners and managers at LBC had not been charged over the incident.

But in a region where sex is considered taboo, Sharing his tales of his sexual escapades has not paid off in his favor. Jawad’s public admission of his sexual exploits outraged religious conservatives in the Muslim state. A court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced the man to five years in prison along with receiving 1,000 lashes under the strict Islamic sharia law code. The country is known as being one of the most conservative within the Arab community.

  Abdul Jawad is not the only to suffer from such actions as two of his acquaintances were part of such conversation and were given two years in prison with 300 lashes to accompany the sentence.

In Saudi Arabia, terrorists such as captured al Qaeda members – whose intentions are to kill and maim in the name of religion – are given the opportunity to repent and to be set free after undergoing special rehabilitation. With such an extreme “merciful” side, it sounds strange that a man caught bragging about his alleged sexual exploits could be sentenced to death by hanging. (SOURCE)

I Guess all of those notches on the belt don’t always pay off if you’re the one getting cracked on the back in the end.


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