Instead of allowing an 18-year-old lesbian to don a tuxedo and bring her girlfriend as her date, a Mississippi school has opted to cancel prom.

JACKSON, Miss. — An 18-year-old Mississippi lesbian student whose school district canceled her senior prom rather than allow her to escort her girlfriend and wear a tuxedo said she got some unfriendly looks from classmates when she reluctantly returned to campus Thursday.

After Ms. McMillen, an 18-year-old senior at Itawamba Agricultural High School in Mississippi, announced she’d be wearing a tuxedo and bringing a female date, a sophomore, to the school’s April 2 dance, the school district said no way. Officials then circulated a flier saying students could not bring same-sex dates.

When McMillen and a lawyer from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) gave the school district a deadline to rescind the ruling, the school board on Wednesday voted to cancel the prom rather than abide by McMillen’s wish. On Thursday, the ACLU filed a lawsuit in US district court, charging that school officials violated McMillen’s free speech rights when they told her they would enforce the district’s policy requiring prom dates to be of the opposite sex.Fearing recrimination, McMillen didn’t want to return to campus Thursday, and said she might have to switch schools.”That’s really messed up because the message they are sending is that if they have to let gay people go to prom that they are not going to have one,” she said after learning of the cancellation. “A bunch of kids at school are really going to hate me for this, so in a way it’s really retaliation.”

McMillen did go to school Thursday, and encountered some hard feelings from classmates, but said she was standing up for herself and others in her situation. “My daddy told me that I needed to show them that I’m still proud of who I am,” McMillen told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. “The fact that this will help people later on, that’s what’s helping me to go on.”

Though school officials haven’t commented on Wednesday’s decision, earlier remarks indicate they feared McMillen’s choice of date could become a disruption to the school’s educational process. The controversy touches on the often uneasy tensions that can surround gay dating in high school.

In socially liberal parts of the country, like Los Angeles and Miami, same-sex prom dates are common. In more conservative areas, such as Utah, gay teens sometimes hold separate proms. But in Deep South towns like McMillen’s hometown of Fulton, Mississippi, some school districts simply don’t allow same-sex dating at the prom. A Feb. 5 memo to students laid out the criteria for bringing a date to the prom, and one requirement was that the person must be of the opposite sex. (Bossip)

This is ridiculous…how will this be a distraction? If anything the distraction will be folks who wear ugly azz dresses or hairstyles. Shoot, I was in high school over ten years ago and there was a guy that happily showed up in his gown and heels, weave and make-up to match…no one cared and everyone had a good time

18 year olds can join the military to maybe die for their country (unless they are openly gay).

18 year olds can legally marry (unless they are gay).

18 year olds can attend their HS prom (unless they are gay).

Hey! Let’s deny gays the right to smoke, drink, vote, drive a car, get a job, buy a house.

Let’s just go all the way and deny gays the right to live!! But That still won’t fix the ignorance that runs so freely, these folks will find something else to complain about.


An Orgasm A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Did you know that 400 million people around the world will end up having sex today? Did you know that roughly 4,000 people are doing right now? Did you know that 30 percent of women over the age of 80 still engage in sexual activities? Why? Because it’s beneficial to your health! If having and enjoying sex regularly can almost double human life expectancy, then we should all make it practice, right? Having regular orgasms has been scientifically proven to improve one’s overall mental and physical well-being. But some of the scientific research that has been conducted and reviewed is phenomenal! Who knew sex fights some cancers or that semen prevents tooth decay? Here’s to changing our perspective on why we really have sex! Take a look at why sex is good for your health!


Strengthens Immunity regular sexual activity has been scientifically proven to boost your immune system. Researchers have concluded that having sex just twice a week increases your antibody levels, which helps fight the common cold and infections.

Healthy Sex Life = Healthy Heart no doubt sex is a stress reliever, but true story: men and women who engage in sexual activity on a consistent basis, as opposed to those who abstain, have healthier stress levels and lower blood pressure. Regular sex has been proven to improve circulation, combat heart disease and improve cholesterol levels.

Natural Analgesic sex is a pain reliever? Yes, it is! Did you know that just before an orgasm the human body releases up to six times its normal amount of a hormone called oxytocin? As a result of the hormonal rush, the body releases endorphins that soothe headaches, muscle aches and everyday aches and pains.

Fights Prostate Cancer in order to climax, a man’s prostate is responsible for producing the ejaculatory fluids. Some urologists argue the notion that men who don’t ejaculate often are more likely to develop cancer of the prostate. A study conducted by the British Journal of Urology International believes that men in their 20’s can potentially lessen their chances of developing cancer by a third, provided they ejaculate at least five times a week.

Fun Fitness you can burn up to 200 calories having sex for 30 minutes. So let’s do some quick math: 30 minutes of sex, 5 times a week, 200 calories. That’s 1000 calories burned in 2 1/2 hours. But if you’re the type to go a little longer … okay let’s do some more math: 45 minutes, 6 times a week, 300 calories. That’s a total of 1,800 calories in 4 1/2 hours. Not bad, right? But let’s not forget the muscle toning that comes along with those positions that keep you working.

Improves Pelvic Floor Muscles women have long heard of Kegel exercises but lots are skeptic. The theory is by trying to stop the flow urine for three seconds it keeps vaginal and pelvic muscles tight and toned. Here’s the deal, if women did a few Kegel squeezes during sex and randomly through the day, not only will the pelvic floor become stronger, sex will be more pleasurable for her and him!

Organic Sleep Agent okay, so men should not be the only ones falling asleep after a good seductive session, women should too! According to many sexual research studies, the oxytocin the body releases during the climax is known to induce deep sleep! Good sleep and body rest is absolutely vital for good health! Orgasms promote complete relaxation! So fellas, if your lady is wide awake while you’re snoozing, she might have faked it! (Source)

It definitely is a pain reliever but I think more so because you get so caught up in the activities you don’t feel the pain. For example in the heat of the moment you could be riding your man and your knee is hitting up against something and you hardly feel it until the orgasm is over or you wake up the next morning like, “Why is my knee aching? I don’t remember hitting it. And there it is! Moral of the story: Sex does a body good so have more of it!


Arbitrator \Arby-trator\: A cook that leaves Arby’s to work at McDonald’s.

Avoidable \avoid-a-bull\: What a bullfighter tries to do.

Baloney \below-knee\: Where some hemlines fall

Bernadette \burn-a-debt\: The act of torching a mortgage

Burglarize \burglar-eyes\: What a crook sees with

Control \con-troll\: A short, ugly inmate

Counterfeiters \counter-fitters\: Workers who put together kitchen cabinets

Eclipse \e-clips\: what an English barber does for a living

Eyedropper \eye-dropper\: a clumsy ophthalmologist

Heroes \he-rows\: what a guy in a boat does

Misty \missed-tee\: How golfers create divots

Paradox \pair-a-docs\: two physicians

Parasites \pair-a-sights\: what you see from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Pharmacist \farm-assist\: a helper on the farm

Polarize \polar-eyes\: what penguins see with

Primate \pry-mate\: removing your spouse from in front of the TV

Relief \re-leaf\: what trees do in the spring

Rubberneck \rub-her-neck\: what you do to relax your wife

Seamstress \seem-stress\: describes 250 pounds in a size six

Selfish \self-fish\: what the owner of a seafood store does

Subdued \sub-dude\: like, a guy, like, works on one of those, like, submarines, man

Sudafed \sued-a-fed\: bringing litigation against a government official

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How should you introduce the idea of anal sex to your wife? and thanks for the tip about the spanking it will come in very HANDY…


Most men fantasize about anal sex. For some reason most of society sees it as “tabu”. As well most women hear the word anal and immediately associate it with pain. However, anal sex can be a wonderful experience for both partners. The trick is getting her to agree to try anal. And that means… there is something you can do to persuade your better half to engage in the rear entry intercourse. 

For the woman, anal sex can add another exciting level to her sexual experience. How can you convince her of this? First of all, you must be prepared to spend some time slowly working into it. Anal sex is not very comfortable if you just go straight to penetrating the anus with your penis. (Most importantly, you should never just put your penis in her anus without her approval—this could end any chance you may have had in getting her to try it because without lubrication and preparation, injury can occur)


Pick up a porn that has anal sex in it. You can buy one at any adult store, online adult stores, pawn shops that sell porn and yes, you can even rent one so you are not spending money on something you may not want to watch again.  While watching it with your partner, watch their face and body language to see how they react to it. Do they like it or do they ask you to turn it off? Is the sex more intense between you that night? If so it may be that they were turned on by watching the anal sex on the video. Next time you have sex you can take it one step further.


When performing oral sex, venture away from the norm. Move your hand down by her anus and watch her reaction. Does she move towards you? Try inserting your figure into her rectum. If she doesn’t object and doesn’t move away she may be open to more exploration. Working anal stimulation into your sexual encounters over the course of multiple lovemaking sessions is the best way to start. sensitivity from oral sex will help make this a pleasurable experience. You can even pay special attention to her anal area with your mouth. If you are comfortable, let your tongue wander downward from her clitoris to her anus. (Remember that if fingers or toys are inserted into the rectum should not be inserted into the vagina.)


When having intercourse make sure that there is plenty of lubrication. Pull out right before her orgasm and press your **** against her anus. If she objects then stop. If she doesn’t object  then push in a little further. Tell her how good it feels for you. If she still doesn’t stop you and she appears to be enjoying it ask her if it is okay for you to push in a little further. At this point she should be giving you a yes or no. If she says no don’t be discouraged. The subject is now in the open. You can always try again.

This pre-play is important for the woman. It gives her a chance to realize and become comfortable with the increased stimulation and excitement she gets from touch around her anus. This awareness can lead to more interest in anal stimulation during sex, and eventually, interest in having anal sex. All of this should be done with extra attention paid to her reactions. Stop if she responds negatively in any way. If she feels like she is being forced to do something she doesn’t want to do, she may never let you near her back door again. If she responds positively to these things, you can move onto the next step: penetration. It is important to remember that the anus does not make it’s own lubrication! You must use a lubricant at this point.


Anal Sex Tips

So you and your partner want to explore anal sex. Here are a few important tips to get you started so it is a pleasurable experience for both of you.

*** Start by exploring yourself ***

Masturbating helps you get to know your body, what you like, and what is comfortable for you. Knowing your body and what is exciting and what is not pleasant will only make you more comfortable when sharing anal exploration with your partner.

*** Communicate with your partner ***

 This is very important because the more comfortable you feel with your partner, the more relaxed you will be and the more enjoyable it will become. Talk ahead of time how you will go about your anal play and what makes both of you comfortable.

*** Lube, lube, lube! ***

 It’s been said that when you think you’ve used too much lube, put on some more! Using a lubricant will make penetrating the anus much easier. Remember, it doesn’t self-lubricate like the vagina. There are lubricants made specifically for anal sex that will help make it a pleasurable experience. Water-based lubricants are the best, as latex-based lubricants can degrade latex condoms and toys. Be sure not to use numbing lubricants—pain is your body‘s way of telling you to slow down or stop.

*** Start small ***

 Begin with a well-lubed finger or a narrow vibrator. There are even sets of graduated cylinders that can be used to “ease into” stretching the anus for anal sex.

*** Find a comfortable position ***

There is no right or wrong answer here, it can be any position you feel most comfortable in. The more relaxed you are the easier it will be.

*** Hygiene ***

This is an important topic! You should never put something into your vagina that has been in your anus. Use a condom for anal sex (even on your sex toys) and then remove it once you are done and replace with a new condom for further sex play. You can get a serious infection if you disregard this. Also, remember that you can get STD’s through anal sex—so you should always use a condom no matter what!

*** Go slow ***

This is a good idea…very, very slow. Communicate (see #2) with your partner if you need him or her to go slower or if you are ok. Taking it slow in the beginning will only make it more enjoyable and more likely for you to have a positive anal sex experience.

*** Clear the way ***

For some of you this may sound gross, but you should make sure you’ve pooped the day you want to have anal sex – this is for obvious reasons. Some people suggest laxatives or enemas, but you have to determine which is right for you. Using an enema prior to anal intercourse can irritate the sensitive tissue in the rectum increasing the risk of further irritation or even an infection.

*** Wash up ***

Make sure to wash your hands and toys, anything that has touched the anus, so as not to spread germs.

The bottom line is that anal sex can be a new sexual frontier for you to enjoy with your partner making sex more exciting and diverse. Be safe and Enjoy! (Source

Riker’s Island welcome’s Weezy Baby


Lil Wayne is no longer a free man. On Monday, Rapper Lil Wayne began serving a 12 month sentence for weapons possession at NY’s infamous Riker’s Island prison. With rumors of gang threats against his life weighing heavy on his mind, Wayne made the brave decision to mingle with the prison population rather than accept a cell on an isolation ward.

Following his sentencing, Wayne was handcuffed and taken into custody. “Weezy’s” mentor and Cash Money’s head man Bryan “Baby” Williams was in the courtroom to say goodbye, as were several of the “Got Money” rapper’s fans. Lil Wayne asked the judge for protective custody as well as special medical attention to deal with his dental issues.

But, what about his hair? According to New York State law, dreadlocks are almost always forbidden. the prison has been inundated with calls from Wayne’s camp questioning if the prison will force Wayne to cut his dreads. Prison officials say that as long as Wayne’s dreads are real (and he keeps them neat and clean) they won’t be chopped off. Hopefully, they’re real.

The NY prison system provides barbers and beauticians for the inmates to keep them looking presentable free of charge. “Male prisoners are only allowed to wear their hair in cornrows, going straight back. And they can’t exceed the “natural hairline” in length. Now of course our question is: what does “natural hairline” mean? “It means it can’t extend the neck.” But there is one loop-hole in the issue – though I’m not sure it’s going to help Wayne.” Prisoners who claim Rastafari as their religion are allowed in most cases to keep their locks. But even then there’s a process to determine if it’s genuine.”

Lil Wayne’s legal problems arose in 2007 when police found him to be in possession of a handgun after a search of his tour bus. The New Orleans native pleaded guilty in the case last October. Lil Wayne was originally scheduled to be sentenced on February 9th, but was granted a delay until March 2nd to undergo dental surgery. That sentencing date was postponed until yesterday, after a fire broke out in the courthouse last week. Lil Wayne is expected to serve eight to ten months assuming good behavior.

Prior to heading to prison, Lil Wayne released his seventh studio album, “Rebirth.”

7 Things Lil Wayne Will Miss While He’s In Prison

From his music to his energy to his presence, there are certainly plenty of things we’re all going to miss about Wayne this year. Thing is, he is going to miss a lot, too. And we’re not just talking about studio time and tour dates, either. Losing a year of your life may not seem like a big deal, but you actually miss out on a whole bunch of stuff when you’re away in the big house. To prove the point, we grabbed a calendar and circled seven things Wayne’s gonna miss thanks to his bid. Something tells us he’s gonna have plenty of catching up to do in 2011.If all goes well and he gets his prison sentence reduced due to good behavior, Lil Wayne could be out of prison in November. But clearly, he’s still going to miss plenty of things between then and now. 

1. The return of the King…
Well, it didn’t take long for Wayne to miss something. In fact, had his sentencing been delayed just one more day, he woulda been around long enough to hear
 T.I.’s stellar new single, “I’m Back,” that leaked yesterday afternoon. It’s the first new song he’s released since finishing up his own year-long prison sentence three months ago. He also just announced that his seventh as-yet-untitled solo album is due out this August. With Jeezy slated to drop a solo album, too, it could result in one of the hottest summers in the South in recent years.

2. The album release party for Drake’s Thank Me Later
Wayne just missed Tip’s comeback single, but he managed to stick around long enough to catch the first single from Drake’s debut last week. And now that Drake’s in the picture, he doesn’t have to worry quite as much about leaving his label Young Money in the wrong hands. But it’s a little crazy that he won’t be around to see the Cash Money cash cow drop his much-anticipated album. Guess he’ll have to thank him later.

3. The NBA Finals match-up every sports fan has been waiting on…
Last year, Lil Wayne recorded an entire song in honor of his favorite NBA player Kobe Bryant before the start of the NBA Finals. Can you imagine what he would do if when Kobe and the Los Angeles Lakers battles LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals this year?! Can you imagine the side action him and Bron Bron’s BFF Jay-Z would have on the game? Can you imagine…The answer is yes. ‘Cause all you’re gonna be able to do is imagine.

4. Is-he-retiring-or-is-he-playing: The Brett Favre decision
Lil Wayne really likes Kobe Bryant…but he loves (LOVES!) Brett Favre. Enough to call him “superhuman” on his blog in 2008. Enough to travel to Minnesota last September on his 27th birthday to watch him play. Enough to root against his hometown New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship Game in January! But he won’t be around this spring/summer when Favre ultimately decides whether he will hang up his cleats for good. Bad move.

5. The Apple iPad’s release date…
We’ve learned three things about Lil Wayne through the Twitter account he started up a couple weeks ago. One, he loves love. Two, he loves using the letter K in place of the letter C. And, three, he loves the new Apple iPad. Too bad he won’t be around on April 3 when the latter finally comes out.

6. His inevitable trip to the White House…
Think about it: Jay-Z has officially opened up the possibility of rappers visiting the White House. And considering the current Commander-in-Chief has repeatedly used Wayne’s name in speeches, we find it hard to believe that an Oval Office meeting between President Obama and the former President Carter wasn’t gonna happen sooner than later. No ceilings, baby!


7. His 28th birthday present from Baby…
September 27, 2010. Talk about a bad day for Lil Wayne. Outside of spending his birthday behind bars, he’s also gonna miss out on his annual birthday gift from his “daddy” Baby. And say what you want about the Birdman (like, uh, WTF was he thinking when he went ahead and did this?!), but the guy knows how to give one helluva birthday gift. During his 27th birthday party last year, Wayne got a million-dollar watch, a diamond-encrusted cake and a big-ass bottle of Dom Perignon. This year? Ummm…someone send a kite. (VIBE)