Ladies:Give Him A Show..

 It is no secret that men are visual beings -this is fact- but let’s not ignore the depth of the sense. Although they are ones for being visually stimulated, it’s not just a flat, two-dimensional, paper doll kind of woman who allures them. For example, men can see a woman who is flawlessly beautiful, marvel for a moment and quickly decide that she would bore him. Men want to see the beast behind the beauty. They want to see some edge … the woman that’s outwardly sophisticated but oozes sex appeal. Now they know there’s more to the ‘look’ and would love to peel through the layers to expose the vixen within! See the dynamic? A man’s mind will go 8,000 places visualizing, not only, the things he wants to do to you but what you’ll do to him! So you have to keep it hot, unconventional and most of all, keep him guessing! Switch it up! Be his sexual servant one night and own his a*s the next!

Something to Remember – let him watch you dress before work in the morning, before an evening event or before a date. Lay your clothes out on the bed and make sure the bra and panties are sexy and match. Lacy thigh high stockings are also a plus. Once you’re showered take your time to lotion your body. You know he’s going to stare so stare back! Don’t bust up the moment with words or asking “what?” He’s watching, that’s what you want him to do. Pose in the mirror in your underwear, slowly and gently work those thigh highs up your legs. While he’s loving watching you dress, it’ll be all he can think about until he gets to undress you!

Keep a Secret – try this for kicks and giggles! Go to your novelty shop and grab a set of vibrating panties that come with a remote. The next time you go out with your man, throw them on and hand him the remote. They’re pocket-sized so he can do all the vibe and speed adjusting with a push of a button from his pocket. He’ll get a *ahem* rise out of being in control of your erogenous excitement and watching your reactions.

All Lights On – this is that night where you put your hair in a sexy up-do and throw some make up on. Keep it natural though, eyeliner, mascara and gloss. Grab him up and show him to the bedroom. Maybe keep the work clothes on or strip down to your underwear. Sit on the edge of the bed, spread your legs and pull him close to you by his belt loops. Unbutton, unzip and drop his pants. But here’s the deal, it’s all about the eye contact! Keep your eyes on him while you orally pleasure him. It’s all about the show and he loves to watch you so be enthusiastic.

Get Cleaned Up – invite him to watch and help you shower. *Again detail: take some time to shave and groom yourself before you invite him in on the fun. Shout for him to bring you a washcloth or your loofah that you can’t reach … whatever you need to do to get him in. He’ll be surprised to find you with the curtain/door pulled and a naked, wet and soapy you standing there lathering your body. Turn around and ask him to wash your back. Don’t be shocked if he decides to strip down and join you!

Get Off – this take some gonads, ladies. The element of surprise is always arousing. Catch him off guard the moment you walk through the door – give him a sweet, seducing glance, kick off your shoes and make your way towards the bedroom stripping your clothes off on your way. Trust and believe he’ll be curious enough to follow you. Get naked, lay across the bed and pleasure yourself. The mere fact that you had the guts to masturbate in front of him will have him wanting to watch. Since you’ve got his attention invite him to join you!

Okay ladies, these are very basic examples but you catch the drift! Men can visualize, very vividly, the fantasies they have featuring their woman! All you have to do is bring it to life! Have fun, be creative and, most of all, be daring! It’s healthy to step outside yourself a time or two!

P.S. you can never be too abstract when you’re conjuring up ways to capture his unwavering attention so don’t be shy! Also, use your attention to detail to give things that little bit of something extra. (BOSSIP)