Top 10 Ways To Spoil Your Girlfriend In Las Vegas


No city tries harder to impress its guests than Las Vegas, and if you think that effort applies solely to entertaining guys, you are sorely mistaken. Las Vegas’ delights cater to both men and women, making it an ideal destination for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day weekend. Want proof? Here are 10 ways to enjoy Vegas that mix luxury, sports and romance.

No.10 – Take her on a nature tour

When you’re looking to treat your girlfriend to rest and relaxation while taking in some of the most jaw-dropping cliffs and terrain Nevada has to offer, go with Pink Jeep Tours. Driven by friendly, knowledgeable guides, the Pink Jeep Tour’s Tour Trekkers are top-of-the-line, 6-seat and 10-seat SUVs that offer tours of everything you could want to see in the brilliant Nevada landscape, from the breathtaking Zion National Park to the world-famous Red Rock Canyon.

No.9 – Get her a makeover

There are only three things in this world that all women find hard to resist: 1) Chocolate; 2) Compliments; and, 3) Makeovers. Win big points for yourself — as well as a four hours at the sports book — by splurging on a complete makeover package at one of Las Vegas’ top salons. A fail-safe bet in the salon department is the Kim Vo Salon at The Mirage as it’s run by renowned celebrity colorist Kim Vo, and was ranked the No. 4 top salon in America by Salon City Magazine.

No.8 – Take a glamorous class

For the more adventurous partners, give her a naughty gift with a Stripper 101 class where she can learn to pole dance. She’ll not only have fun and release her inner sex goddess, but it’ll energize your bedroom experiences. And not only does Stripper 101 provide you with a more “limber” woman, it also affords you the time to check out a more guy-friendly experience, like learning how to drive a 600-horsepower NASCAR at a Richard Petty Driving Class.
Another option is to strap on an apron and roll up your sleeves for a fun cooking class. At Mon Ami Gabi, learn to make chocolate mousse or beef bourguignon (which is hopefully easier to make than say). Pretend you’re the naked chef and impress her with your skills.

No.7 – Eat, drink and be merry

If you plan your Vegas trip around Valentine’s Day, not only will you get the chance to check out the Sevens International Rugby tournament, but you’ll get to treat your girlfriend to one of the world’s most romantic meals. SUSHISAMBA at Palazzo offers creative meals that fuse Brazilian, Japanese and Peruvian cuisine in a funky and colorful setting sure to get you in the party mood. Chocolate is a well-known aphrodisiac, so be sure to sample the 24-layer chocolate cake at the Strip House at Planet Hollywood. This famous Las Vegas steakhouse has a cool retro feel, great wine list and the red decor will probably surge feelings of passion.

No.6 – Dance the night away

Whether you spent the day watching college hoops or golfing, one of the best ways to cap it off is to party up a storm at Moon Nightclub, an exclusive boutique nightclub on the top floor of the Palms Casino Resort’s Fantasy Tower. Enjoy beautiful city views, a retractable roof 35 feet above the dance floor, and a great bar and lounge so you can chill after dancing your feet off. Then, for something different, head off to HAZE Nightclub at ARIA Resort & Casino. It’s a radical space that will leave you challenging your sense of reality and perception. There are reflective surfaces, walls of flickering lights and interactive projection screens.

No.5 – Send her shopping

Despite being America’s top party and recreation destination, Las Vegas is also one of the world’s top spots for premium shopping. Let your girlfriend unleash her inner shopaholic at The Shoppes at Mandalay Place and the Forum Shops at Caesars — she can shed her old wardrobe while you spend the day watching NASCAR races at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

No.4 – Go lingerie shopping

While the joy of clothes shopping may be an emotion felt only by your girlfriend, lingerie shopping will reap you twice the rewards of your partner: 1) You’ll get to see the sexy results of the trip; and; 2) You can enjoy the day doing something you want to do, like hitting one of Las Vegas’ famous golf courses. Thankfully, Las Vegas is home to the world’s sexiest lingerie brands, like Frederick’s of Hollywood at Mandalay Place, Love Jones at the Hard Rock Hotel, Victoria’s Secret at Fashion Show, and Agent Provocateur at the Forum Shops in Caesars.

No.3 – Send her to the spa

Your woman will love some pampering treatment. The Qua Bath & Spa at Caesars is a luxurious spa offering Roman baths with three glorious pools and an array of treatments such as aromatherapy, hot stones and facials. If you’re looking for another option that’s just as good and just as relaxing, try out the Drift Spa at Palms. And while your girl sits back and relaxes for the afternoon, you might as well kick back and check out the preseason Major League Weekend.

No.2 – Charm her with a show

Following a day of spas for her and sports for you, come together for some spicy entertainment with one of Vegas’ legendary shows. Here are two worth checking out:

1) Zumanity at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino. This is a provocative cabaret-style production with a twist of Cirque du Soleil. Expect to see mischievous innuendo with bold eroticism, showcasing different perspectives of love.

2) Peepshow at Planet Hollywood is teamwork between award-winning director/choreographer Tony Mitchell and BASE Entertainment. It stars ex-Playboy Bunny Holly Madison. Enough said, right? But here’s some more info: It’s a modern burlesque show expressed through dance and contemporary music. Be prepared for some striptease and 20 of the sexiest dancers from the media.

No.1 – Surprise her with a concert

There’s nothing like good music to get you in the mood, and Las Vegas hosts great entertainment, with great concerts — like Carlos Santana at Hard Rock and John Mayer at Mandalay Bay — delivering aural treats 365 days a year. Such talent is sure to make your girlfriend feel the love and shower you with affection, plus you get enjoyable entertainment out of it too. (ASKMEN


Top 10 Sex Myths

No.10 – Great sex comes naturally

I remember when I was younger I was always so nervous about having my first kiss, because I didn’t know how to kiss. People would tell me it comes naturally and I didn’t believe them, until I actually did kiss and it did come naturally. The physical chemistry you see on TV and in the movies suggests that when two lovers meet, sparks fly and mind-blowing sex naturally follows. As we all know, in the real world, it’s not always that easy. The human body doesn’t come with an instruction manual. The “tricks of the trade” that pleased a former partner do not always translate with someone new. Good communication is the key to good sex, as is a willingness to be open to trying new techniques and positions to find out what each partner finds pleasurable. It can be a little awkward at first to over-communicate during sex, but think about the outcome: a partner who knows how to do it right every time.

No.9 – Men have more sexual urges than women

Though many men would have you believe they’re ready to go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the truth is that men experience daily fluctuations in libido, as do women. A man’s readiness to hop in the sack can be impacted by many of the same factors that impact a woman’s level of desire, including diet, sleep, health, stress, medical conditions, self-confidence, and relationship disharmony. Sexual urges occur naturally and although people try to say that men are users and they are only after one thing etc there are just as many woman out there that are the same as it is natural to be attracted to others.

No.8 – After a certain age, sex is no longer important

There is no age limit on sexuality, but for people age 50 and over, sexual satisfaction depends more on the overall quality of the relationship than it does for younger couples. A National Council on Aging survey reports that among people age 60 and over who have regular intercourse, 74 percent of the men and 70 percent of the women find their sex lives more satisfying than when they were in their forties. Sex is an important aspect of physical and emotional health and well-being for adults of all ages, even those in their golden years. While some people believe that a decrease in libido is a natural part of aging, a loss of sexual desire can be related to a number of other factors including hormone deficiencies, depression, anxiety disorders, side effects of medication, changes to a relationship, communication barriers, or loss of a spouse or partner.

No.7 – Viagra is the answer

While many people believe Viagra and other similar oral medications are the best or only treatment for men with erectile dysfunction, the truth is that for many men these drugs are not a viable option or they simply are not effective. Oral medications are only a temporary fix to a problem that may have other underlying health causes that should be addressed by a qualified physician. In addition, many men with health conditions, including hypertension and diabetes, cannot take oral prescriptions due to serious potential side effects or contradictions with other medications. For men who cannot use oral meds, there are a number of other options including urethral suppositories and ICP, an injection that produces an erection within minutes.

No.6 – Size matters

Even if every guy you know could probably tell you exactly how big his penis is, size is not a barometer for manhood. As anyone with sexual experience knows, true sexual enthusiasm far outweighs any gifted parts. And contrary to another popular myth, the size of your member has nothing to do with the size of your hands or feet. The average woman can only take about 5 inches comfortably. Anything bigger can hurt 😦 you wouldn’t want to ram into a women’s cervix, that can be painful. Besides the length doesn’t really matter, it’s the girth. But the thing that matters the most to me is chemistry; how we feel about each other, how he makes sure I’m comfortable and just genuinely cares for me. You can’t be selfish, you need to make sure your partner is enjoying it too.

No.5 – Certain foods can put you in the mood

Named for the Greek goddess of sensuality and love,aphrodisiacs are said to put you in the mood. While oysters, dark chocolate, strawberries, and tiger penis might make you feel l’amour, there is no scientific evidence to support the validity of aphrodisiacs. However, while there is no science to foods and/or herbs causing arousal, a certain food can trigger an erotic memory or desire in your own mind — so in a sense, we all have our own aphrodisiacs.

No.4 – Oral sex is safer than vaginal and anal sex

From teenagers to former President Bill Clinton, oral sex seems to have the stigma of a “free pass” as far as sexual relationships go. Yes, it does count as sex, and yes, you can get a sexually transmitted disease from oral sex. Whether you swallow or not. With fluid-borne infections — like HIV or Chlamydia — swallowing fluids create those risks. With skin-to-skin transmitted infections like HPV or Herpes, no fluid needs even be present for an infection to be transmitted, so a person who didn’t swallow and who was giving oral sex to a partner with one of those infections could still get the infection themselves that way.

No.3 – Premature ejaculation only affects young men

While men sometimes underestimate the relationship between sexual performance and emotional well-being, premature ejaculation can be caused by temporary depression, stress over financial matters, unrealistic expectations about performance, a history of sexual repression, or an overall lack of confidence. Interpersonal dynamics strongly contribute to sexual function, and premature ejaculation can be caused by a lack of communication between partners, hurt feelings, or unresolved conflicts that interfere with the ability to achieve emotional intimacy. Neurological premature ejaculation can also lead to other forms of sexual dysfunction, or intensify the existing problem, by creating performance anxiety. In a less pathological context, premature ejaculation could also be simply caused by extreme arousal. In fact, premature ejaculation affects 30% of men at sometime in their lives.
Often, early ejaculation in men who are in their 30s or older is a co-symptom of erectile dysfunction or fatigue, poor cardiovascular conditioning, depression, anxiety, or neurological symptoms.

 No.2 – Fantasizing about someone else is a bad thing

A large part of the sexual experience starts with your brain, not your body, and sometimes your brain can wander. 

The entire point of fantasizing is to think up new and interesting situations – why would you want to limit yourself to fantasizing only about your partner, when you can instead choose to act out these fantasies with your partner, and leave your fantasies for things you don’t intend on fulfilling anytime soon? When someone starts to act on those fantasies is when a problem arises. Cheating is a physical relationship between someone other than your spouse or significant other. Cheating also shows a total lack of respect towards your significant other. If you are committed to your lady or man, and your relationship is in a good place, it’s OK to think about Allen (Iverson) or Megan(Fox) every now and then.

No.1 – Women can’t get pregnant if a man pulls out

The “pull-out” method, also known as the rhythm method, is potentially the worst possible form of birth control and is not always a reliable method. There are several reasons for this. Once a male becomes aroused, he ejects pre-ejaculate fluid — this fluid can contain at least 300,000 sperm (and it only takes 1 to join an egg)! There is also the risk that he doesn’t pull out in time as, in the heat of the moment, it can be hard to keep control. Even if he ejaculates outside of the vagina, sperm can swim, so semen anywhere near the vagina can still lead to pregnancy (this means that pregnancy can occur even without penile penetration if a male ejaculates on or near the vagina). Withdrawal can be an effective method, but only if it is done perfectly (which is extremely hard to do). Men do not always know when ejaculatory fluid begins to seep out —  In fact, one in five couples who use this method as their only form of birth control over the course of a year will end up pregnant.(ASKMEN)

Now that you’ve brushed up your knowledge on the top 10 sex myths, you can go out and have the best sex of your life. Just remember: While it is very important to stay safe and be smart, sex is not only a necessary bodily function, but also a very enjoyable bodily function

10 Ways To Avoid A Lover’s Spat

 How many times have we started a conversation off with a “I don’t want to argue with you,” and then it turns into a knock down drag out? While fighting with your significant other is a given, it’s also necessary for a relationship to grow – or par for the course, right? But some, if not most, arguments are useless and can be avoided. Going to bed angry with your spouse or loved one is the worst and further propels the anger when you wake up the next morning not having resolved the issue. Why go to work piping hot and one irked nerve away from boiling over when you can talk it out? How long do the silent treatments have to last? Surely, this is no way to get your point across so why not stop adding fuel, and fight fire with water?

That’s the beauty of communication. What’s even more beautiful is knowing how to stop a tiff before it starts, regardless of the severity of the issue. At the end of the day, beefin’ with your boo is trivial since tomorrow is promised to no one and that’s why it’s so important to part ways for the day in peace. Take a look at these tips to avoid the loathsome lover’s spat!

1.) Soften Your Approach who hates that already aggressive toned “we need to talk.” Ugh. The other person is already gearing up for battle … not a good starting point. Pose a question, “hey babe, can we talk?” Or, “I’ve got a few things I’ve been wanting to talk to you about, you got a minute?” This is setting the stage for equal engagement and the likelihood of getting a productive response is greater.

2.) Don’t Devalue – patience is key! When you’re pouring your heart out, expressing your feelings or stating your position, the last thing you want to hear is, “that is SO stupid,” or “what you’re saying makes NO sense,” or “what are you talking about?” Phrases like these make for an immediate shut down. Never make your loved one feel as though their thoughts and feelings are trivial and invalid. Try this instead, “help me understand where you’re coming from,” or “please explain further.” Yea, it’s like pulling teeth, but you want your loved one to feel comfortable expressing themselves to you. Again, patience.

3.) Take a Breather in the heat of the moment it is so easy to be combative, fly off at the mouth and say mean-spirited things you don’t mean. It’s okay to have a problem and it’s okay to let it be known, but hollering with your arms folded, eye-rolling and not letting your partner get a word in edgewise is not communicating! It’s a turn off … a COMPLETE turn off. Back off and breath for a few, let your loved one know, “I’m hot right now. Give me moment to collect my thoughts.” What you’re displaying without saying it is, “I don’t want to fight.”

4.) Listen when your partner says, “can I finish? Will you let me finish please?” This is no bueno. Let your lady/man speak his/her mind. Who cares how long it takes! Allow the venting process to take place and perhaps when he/she is finished you won’t have to say much at all. Listening to your partner is just as much a part of the communication process as speaking. Sometimes just hearing him/her out is all it takes to quell a dispute.

5.) Drop the DefenseTeam “US” is ideal but when there’s a dispute, there are two teams: Team Me and Team You. The both of you cannot be in defense mode if you want resolution. Somebody has to play offense. Somebody has to be “the bigger person.” It’s easy to react and take part in the emotional whirlwind that suddenly came sweeping through the room, what sense does it make to go a-whirling with it? Try for this in a soothing tone “hey, whoa! Baby, calm down. Relax, have a seat. Let’s talk about this.”

6.) Find the Root of the Problem the fact that you left your socks in the middle of the floor or forgot to flush the toilet is not the real reason that you’re in the throws of a battle. Get to the root of the issue by refusing to participate in the trivial bickering. It’s not the socks or the gift in the toilet that’s got him/her on tilt! Ask your partner or yourself, “what’s the real problem?” “Is there a deeper issue that needs to be confronted?” Once you figure it out, apply the measures listed above.

7.) Agree to Disagree Respectfully in a perfect world we would see eye to eye all the time, but we all know that’s not the case. Instead of approaching the situation expecting compliance, just shoot for understanding. You simply cannot convince someone to see it your way. It’s okay to disagree, explain why you do and find a happy medium. You can save yourself the exhaustion by looking for ways to work together to reach a hub of solid communication. After a while it becomes effortless.

8.) Take Ownership if you’re wrong, admit it. Don’t blame your partner or his or her actions for your behaving like a child or being irrational and immature. “I did that because you do xyz.” Why do we have to duck and dodge the B.S. BEFORE addressing the real issue? Be responsible and say, ” hey, you know what? I was wrong for that. This is why I did it. I understand why you’re mad right now. I’m listening.” If it’s warranted, take that verbal lashing! If you F’d up, you F’d up! And now, by default, you have to listen to your lady/man fuss about it. It happens to the best of us, we all have to sit in the hot seat from time to time. It’s okay.

9.) Ask Questions a good Q & A can be really helpful and eye-opening. Ask simple and candid questions. As corny as it sounds ask your partner, “how did that make you feel?” “Why are you crying?” “What can I do to help us move past this?” This will give him/her a chance to verbalize specific needs and wants and it gives you a chance to make it clear how you plan to deliver.

10.) Sex  self-explanatory. Nothing like some good lovin’ to quiet a storm in the making. But here’s the deal, just because you had a good session doesn’t mean the problem is fixed! Sex is just a leeway to better communication! Sex is a stress reliever and once you’ve relieved some tension, talking things out is all but effortless! (BOSSIP)

5 Strange Ways Wives have Killed Their Husbands

Getting out of a marriage can be as simple as filing for divorce or it can be as creative as those who didn’t only want to stand by their man, but they also didn’t want to leave their man standing.

1. Agrippina’s Story

Claudius the fourth Roman Emperor also known as Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus was in the midst of big marriage problems with wife number five Agrippina. He was heard publicly to complain about his bad luck in marrying so many disagreeable women. This might have spurred Agrippina into action not so much out of a need for vengeance as a fear from losing out on the position. She saw herself and her son trying to occupy when Claudius was out of the picture. He was also making statements regarding reconciliation with son Britannicus which would have knocked Agrippina’s son Nero out of the running for ruler of Rome. She needed her husband out-of-the-way, but it couldn’t have been just logic that drove her since the poison, that was administered to him, was slow and painful. When it seemed the old man wouldn’t die quickly enough Agrippina sent in a slave with a feather to induce vomiting, claiming it would cure him. Of course, vomiting might in fact have helped Claudius if the feather hadn’t been dipped in yet more poison.

2. Ruth Snyder

In 1925 Ruth Snyder a housewife from Queens New York decided to have her husband killed by his would-be replacement, her boyfriend, Henry Judd Gray, a corset salesman. Together the pair planned her husband’s, Albert’s death, but not before Ruth talked her husband into signing a life insurance policy that would pay off extra if he were attacked and died by an act of violence. Ruth and Henry, neither of whom were exactly well read, tried various methods of disposing of poor Albert, but finally gave up when he began to become difficult to handle. The couple garroted Albert and when they failed to kill him quickly enough they stuffed rags soaked in chloroform up his nose. After Albert died in agonizing death, the couple tried to make the place seem as if it had been broken into, but the cops didn’t buy it. Cornered, the pair told on one another and both received the death penalty. Ruth Snyder was among few women to have ever been put on the death by electrocution, a far more merciful death than Albert Snyder experienced.

3. Pamela Smart

Like Ruth the pretty 23 year-old Pamela Smart tried to use her boyfriend to kill her husband. Her boyfriend and lover was only 15 at the time, but he, along with an accomplice, managed to surprise and shoot Gregory Smart as he entered his own home. Police might not have pieced together the entire murder plot if Pamela hadn’t made the mistake of forgetting that teens are notoriously bad at keeping secrets. She’s currently serving time for taking part in the murder scheme.

4. Larissa Schuster

Larissa Schuster had a boyfriend too, but being a biochemist she also had her own chemical lab. This was a bad combination for her husband Timothy, who was fighting her tooth and nail in their divorce. In 2003 the 47-year-old Larissa had enough so she rented a storage unit. She and her boyfriend then kidnapped the luckless Timothy using a stun gun and chloroform to subdue him. While barely conscious, he was still very much alive but incapacitated so they stuffed his body into a barrel. Then Larissa began pouring the hydrochloric acid into the container. When the police found Timothy Schuster, all that was left of him was the lower part of his body from the belt buckle down. Larissa got sentenced to a life in prison for her heinous crime.

5. Clara Harris

 Clara Harris didn’t have a boyfriend, but she was sure her husband had a girlfriend. She hired a private detective and not only did he confirm her worst fear,  he invited her down to a hotel her husband, David Harris, was using for the affair. This turned into a fatal confrontation and when David headed toward his girlfriend’s car Clara snapped. She got behind the wheel of her Mercedes and ran over her husband. Then she followed the curve of the drive and hit him again as he lay on the ground. She tried to tell police that her foot had slipped and she’d lost control of the car, but the couple’s daughter who’d also been in the vehicle with her mother testified against her. Clara is serving life in prison for running over her man.(WORM)

The truth about women…

It has come to my attention that most men don’t know sh*t  about women and why we do the things that we do. Here is a little of what you SHOULD know.  

1). EVERY woman hates to be spoken to in a manner that makes them think that YOU think they are stupid. Women go their whole lives with the world treating them like they aren’t as smart as men. DON’T think they are going to take that sh*t at home or in their relationship. Women are NOT stupid. They just give you the benefit of the doubt. Even when they should doubt your benefits.

2). Dude, NOT saying sh*t is the same as lying when it comes to women. Nothing will make a woman want to stab you in the face more than you trying some technicality sh*t on them. Go on and say some sh*t like: ” Well I didn’t lie exactly… I just didn’t bring it up.” You will get stabbed in the face.

3). God made Lilith and she wouldn’t obey him. God made Eve, and SHE didn’t obey him. So if the creator of the universe itself can’t get women to listen to what he had to say, what the fugg makes you think YOU have a chance.

4). Chances are your woman is not a crazy b*tch. She has the ability to BE a crazy b*tch, but she keeps it on a leash. But if you give her a reason to, she’ll take crazy b*tch off the leash and sick her on your ass. When your woman truly loves you, she doesn’t want to be a crazy b*tch towards you. Chances are YOU brought that ish out of her by breaking the primary rule…. talking to her like she was stupid. Get shot in the face if ya want to.

5). When a woman says she wants a nice, sweet and sensitive man, she is a LIAR. She will say that she wants a man like that, but the dude she is going to crave is the one that gives her flowers along with an “OOOOOHHH” face and issues.  So when they start talking that boolsh*t about wanting a Ralph Tresvant ass dude, ignore them.

6). For women great sex.. really fulfilling sex…knock their ass out the bed sex, is rare. So if you make a woman convulse till she damn near has an aneurysm, you can pretty much get away with whatever you want to.  Not for a long period of time mind you, because eventually her stankin’ ass friends are going to talk some sense into her. But for the short-term, if you make a woman OOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!” really well and consistently, You pretty much have the run of the land….until she stabs you in the face. Which she will do.

7). PLEASE know that women are more vicious than you could ever be. If you get busted cheating, PLEASE note that any man you know is fair game. A woman isn’t going to fugg some random dude to get back at you. Nooooo. She is going to fugg someone you know. Like your boy, your daddy, or that dude at work that you HATE. Yeah him. Imagine THAT dude in her mouth. Yup. Women are the masters at revenge. If you hurt them, they will hurt you 10 fold, homey.

8). To a woman, holding her purse means that you care enough about her happiness to forgo what other people think and ONLY worry about her desires. She knows you look like a fool. She knows you look like a b*tch. But if you are willing to look like all types of ish for her, that means a lot. And you’ll probably get your rewarded very well. *WINK*

9). Women have feelings. They express those feelings. They are NOT men and they aren’t supposed to act like it. Soooo telling a woman to man-up could get you stabbed in the face.

10). If a woman wants to cheat on you, face it dude. You’ll never find out. Women are the masters at cheating. MASTERS.

11). A woman’s coochie knows if it would fugg you when she meets you. But soon as you say something stupid, her head WILL kick in and halt all possibilities. It’s pretty much up to you to talk yourself into some ass. There have been many a pretty boy who has sat there wondering why they didn’t get to fugg someone. Chances are he talked TOO fuggin much about ish that wasn’t important.

12). Big d*ck and  diamonds. A woman will change her mind REALLY quick when faced with either of them.

13). The safer a woman feels around you, the quicker your ass will get in the friend zone. You want a woman to WANT you. She should not feel like she can just hang around you all the time and not find herself in a compromising position. If she feels like she might catch herself on all four at any moment around you and like it…. You’re in a good place. NOT the friend zone.

14). If your mom is a good mother, but she and your woman do not get along, it WILL NOT WORK. Just like in the Jungle the Lioness is the true ruler of the Pride and there are no two lionesses in charge within a kingdom. They yield to the highest Lioness or they die. It’s the same with you mother and woman.

15). If you know your mother not to be catty and has always looked out for you before, PLEASE trust her when she tells you that the woman you brought to meet her aint sh*t. Women can sniff a slick b*tch out post haste.

16). There is a difference between a Gold Digger and a woman who expects you to be financially sound. If you can’t get a bank account or a credit card, it’s not HER with the problem.

17). If your girlfriend will cosign or put a car in her name for YOU. You’ve found a dumb chick. And if dumb chicks are your thing, you have hit the jackpot. Because no woman with good sense would do this.

18). Women NEVER forget. EVERYTHING you have done wrong is cumulative. It adds up. Please know that the sh*t you did 5 years ago on May 5th, can still be held against you TODAY. (OHN)

16 Horrifying Female Bodybuilders

Female bodybuilders truly are an amazing species. They’re kinda like futuristic cyborg soldiers sent to Earth for one simple purpose… to scare the complete sh*t out of grown men, children and small animals. Nothing can stop them because everyone is far too frightened to stand anywhere near them and they’re probably the one thing capable of fixing our economy. I’m telling you, if we sent an army of fully trained female bodybuilders to Washington D.C., we could take over congress in a week.

Fella’s be careful what you wish for… I’m sure there was a man somewhere pressuring these woman to get into the gym, and pump weight with them… now look, they have created monsters. (Source)

The two highest IQ’s ever recorded (on a standard test) both belong to women

Yes, it is true. All these women were once men, and you can see the images before and after the gender change. It is really unbelievable. Some of these ladies look very beautiful and feminine, but some of them still have some male features. You may ask yourself why these men would have wanted to change their gender, I have a few thoughts….

“Women don’t have to worry about not being able to get it up”

“Women don’t need an excuse to be in a bad mood”

“We don’t have to make fools out of ourselves to impress a man”

“An ugly woman can use makeup and get a new hairdo to become presentable – ugly men are just fucked”

“Women do less time for violent crime”

“Women never have to see combat”

“When women are short, we’re petite, when men are short, they’re just short”

“We’re all sittin on a gold mine – we know it and use it to our extreme advantage”

“Women know how fake it”

“Women look better naked”

“We don’t have to drive when on a date”

“Women can use the old “that mark on my neck is from a curling iron burn” line”

“An oblong vegetable is all we need for a good time any night”

“Our friends don’t pick on us if we aren’t sleeping with anyone”

“Women can have partners that are years younger without being called dirty old perverts”

“Women are never wrong. Apologizing is the man’s responsibility”

“We can get laid ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANY WAY we want it!”