Top 10 Sex Myths

No.10 – Great sex comes naturally

I remember when I was younger I was always so nervous about having my first kiss, because I didn’t know how to kiss. People would tell me it comes naturally and I didn’t believe them, until I actually did kiss and it did come naturally. The physical chemistry you see on TV and in the movies suggests that when two lovers meet, sparks fly and mind-blowing sex naturally follows. As we all know, in the real world, it’s not always that easy. The human body doesn’t come with an instruction manual. The “tricks of the trade” that pleased a former partner do not always translate with someone new. Good communication is the key to good sex, as is a willingness to be open to trying new techniques and positions to find out what each partner finds pleasurable. It can be a little awkward at first to over-communicate during sex, but think about the outcome: a partner who knows how to do it right every time.

No.9 – Men have more sexual urges than women

Though many men would have you believe they’re ready to go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the truth is that men experience daily fluctuations in libido, as do women. A man’s readiness to hop in the sack can be impacted by many of the same factors that impact a woman’s level of desire, including diet, sleep, health, stress, medical conditions, self-confidence, and relationship disharmony. Sexual urges occur naturally and although people try to say that men are users and they are only after one thing etc there are just as many woman out there that are the same as it is natural to be attracted to others.

No.8 – After a certain age, sex is no longer important

There is no age limit on sexuality, but for people age 50 and over, sexual satisfaction depends more on the overall quality of the relationship than it does for younger couples. A National Council on Aging survey reports that among people age 60 and over who have regular intercourse, 74 percent of the men and 70 percent of the women find their sex lives more satisfying than when they were in their forties. Sex is an important aspect of physical and emotional health and well-being for adults of all ages, even those in their golden years. While some people believe that a decrease in libido is a natural part of aging, a loss of sexual desire can be related to a number of other factors including hormone deficiencies, depression, anxiety disorders, side effects of medication, changes to a relationship, communication barriers, or loss of a spouse or partner.

No.7 – Viagra is the answer

While many people believe Viagra and other similar oral medications are the best or only treatment for men with erectile dysfunction, the truth is that for many men these drugs are not a viable option or they simply are not effective. Oral medications are only a temporary fix to a problem that may have other underlying health causes that should be addressed by a qualified physician. In addition, many men with health conditions, including hypertension and diabetes, cannot take oral prescriptions due to serious potential side effects or contradictions with other medications. For men who cannot use oral meds, there are a number of other options including urethral suppositories and ICP, an injection that produces an erection within minutes.

No.6 – Size matters

Even if every guy you know could probably tell you exactly how big his penis is, size is not a barometer for manhood. As anyone with sexual experience knows, true sexual enthusiasm far outweighs any gifted parts. And contrary to another popular myth, the size of your member has nothing to do with the size of your hands or feet. The average woman can only take about 5 inches comfortably. Anything bigger can hurt 😦 you wouldn’t want to ram into a women’s cervix, that can be painful. Besides the length doesn’t really matter, it’s the girth. But the thing that matters the most to me is chemistry; how we feel about each other, how he makes sure I’m comfortable and just genuinely cares for me. You can’t be selfish, you need to make sure your partner is enjoying it too.

No.5 – Certain foods can put you in the mood

Named for the Greek goddess of sensuality and love,aphrodisiacs are said to put you in the mood. While oysters, dark chocolate, strawberries, and tiger penis might make you feel l’amour, there is no scientific evidence to support the validity of aphrodisiacs. However, while there is no science to foods and/or herbs causing arousal, a certain food can trigger an erotic memory or desire in your own mind — so in a sense, we all have our own aphrodisiacs.

No.4 – Oral sex is safer than vaginal and anal sex

From teenagers to former President Bill Clinton, oral sex seems to have the stigma of a “free pass” as far as sexual relationships go. Yes, it does count as sex, and yes, you can get a sexually transmitted disease from oral sex. Whether you swallow or not. With fluid-borne infections — like HIV or Chlamydia — swallowing fluids create those risks. With skin-to-skin transmitted infections like HPV or Herpes, no fluid needs even be present for an infection to be transmitted, so a person who didn’t swallow and who was giving oral sex to a partner with one of those infections could still get the infection themselves that way.

No.3 – Premature ejaculation only affects young men

While men sometimes underestimate the relationship between sexual performance and emotional well-being, premature ejaculation can be caused by temporary depression, stress over financial matters, unrealistic expectations about performance, a history of sexual repression, or an overall lack of confidence. Interpersonal dynamics strongly contribute to sexual function, and premature ejaculation can be caused by a lack of communication between partners, hurt feelings, or unresolved conflicts that interfere with the ability to achieve emotional intimacy. Neurological premature ejaculation can also lead to other forms of sexual dysfunction, or intensify the existing problem, by creating performance anxiety. In a less pathological context, premature ejaculation could also be simply caused by extreme arousal. In fact, premature ejaculation affects 30% of men at sometime in their lives.
Often, early ejaculation in men who are in their 30s or older is a co-symptom of erectile dysfunction or fatigue, poor cardiovascular conditioning, depression, anxiety, or neurological symptoms.

 No.2 – Fantasizing about someone else is a bad thing

A large part of the sexual experience starts with your brain, not your body, and sometimes your brain can wander. 

The entire point of fantasizing is to think up new and interesting situations – why would you want to limit yourself to fantasizing only about your partner, when you can instead choose to act out these fantasies with your partner, and leave your fantasies for things you don’t intend on fulfilling anytime soon? When someone starts to act on those fantasies is when a problem arises. Cheating is a physical relationship between someone other than your spouse or significant other. Cheating also shows a total lack of respect towards your significant other. If you are committed to your lady or man, and your relationship is in a good place, it’s OK to think about Allen (Iverson) or Megan(Fox) every now and then.

No.1 – Women can’t get pregnant if a man pulls out

The “pull-out” method, also known as the rhythm method, is potentially the worst possible form of birth control and is not always a reliable method. There are several reasons for this. Once a male becomes aroused, he ejects pre-ejaculate fluid — this fluid can contain at least 300,000 sperm (and it only takes 1 to join an egg)! There is also the risk that he doesn’t pull out in time as, in the heat of the moment, it can be hard to keep control. Even if he ejaculates outside of the vagina, sperm can swim, so semen anywhere near the vagina can still lead to pregnancy (this means that pregnancy can occur even without penile penetration if a male ejaculates on or near the vagina). Withdrawal can be an effective method, but only if it is done perfectly (which is extremely hard to do). Men do not always know when ejaculatory fluid begins to seep out —  In fact, one in five couples who use this method as their only form of birth control over the course of a year will end up pregnant.(ASKMEN)

Now that you’ve brushed up your knowledge on the top 10 sex myths, you can go out and have the best sex of your life. Just remember: While it is very important to stay safe and be smart, sex is not only a necessary bodily function, but also a very enjoyable bodily function


16 Horrifying Female Bodybuilders

Female bodybuilders truly are an amazing species. They’re kinda like futuristic cyborg soldiers sent to Earth for one simple purpose… to scare the complete sh*t out of grown men, children and small animals. Nothing can stop them because everyone is far too frightened to stand anywhere near them and they’re probably the one thing capable of fixing our economy. I’m telling you, if we sent an army of fully trained female bodybuilders to Washington D.C., we could take over congress in a week.

Fella’s be careful what you wish for… I’m sure there was a man somewhere pressuring these woman to get into the gym, and pump weight with them… now look, they have created monsters. (Source)

An Orgasm A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Did you know that 400 million people around the world will end up having sex today? Did you know that roughly 4,000 people are doing right now? Did you know that 30 percent of women over the age of 80 still engage in sexual activities? Why? Because it’s beneficial to your health! If having and enjoying sex regularly can almost double human life expectancy, then we should all make it practice, right? Having regular orgasms has been scientifically proven to improve one’s overall mental and physical well-being. But some of the scientific research that has been conducted and reviewed is phenomenal! Who knew sex fights some cancers or that semen prevents tooth decay? Here’s to changing our perspective on why we really have sex! Take a look at why sex is good for your health!


Strengthens Immunity regular sexual activity has been scientifically proven to boost your immune system. Researchers have concluded that having sex just twice a week increases your antibody levels, which helps fight the common cold and infections.

Healthy Sex Life = Healthy Heart no doubt sex is a stress reliever, but true story: men and women who engage in sexual activity on a consistent basis, as opposed to those who abstain, have healthier stress levels and lower blood pressure. Regular sex has been proven to improve circulation, combat heart disease and improve cholesterol levels.

Natural Analgesic sex is a pain reliever? Yes, it is! Did you know that just before an orgasm the human body releases up to six times its normal amount of a hormone called oxytocin? As a result of the hormonal rush, the body releases endorphins that soothe headaches, muscle aches and everyday aches and pains.

Fights Prostate Cancer in order to climax, a man’s prostate is responsible for producing the ejaculatory fluids. Some urologists argue the notion that men who don’t ejaculate often are more likely to develop cancer of the prostate. A study conducted by the British Journal of Urology International believes that men in their 20’s can potentially lessen their chances of developing cancer by a third, provided they ejaculate at least five times a week.

Fun Fitness you can burn up to 200 calories having sex for 30 minutes. So let’s do some quick math: 30 minutes of sex, 5 times a week, 200 calories. That’s 1000 calories burned in 2 1/2 hours. But if you’re the type to go a little longer … okay let’s do some more math: 45 minutes, 6 times a week, 300 calories. That’s a total of 1,800 calories in 4 1/2 hours. Not bad, right? But let’s not forget the muscle toning that comes along with those positions that keep you working.

Improves Pelvic Floor Muscles women have long heard of Kegel exercises but lots are skeptic. The theory is by trying to stop the flow urine for three seconds it keeps vaginal and pelvic muscles tight and toned. Here’s the deal, if women did a few Kegel squeezes during sex and randomly through the day, not only will the pelvic floor become stronger, sex will be more pleasurable for her and him!

Organic Sleep Agent okay, so men should not be the only ones falling asleep after a good seductive session, women should too! According to many sexual research studies, the oxytocin the body releases during the climax is known to induce deep sleep! Good sleep and body rest is absolutely vital for good health! Orgasms promote complete relaxation! So fellas, if your lady is wide awake while you’re snoozing, she might have faked it! (Source)

It definitely is a pain reliever but I think more so because you get so caught up in the activities you don’t feel the pain. For example in the heat of the moment you could be riding your man and your knee is hitting up against something and you hardly feel it until the orgasm is over or you wake up the next morning like, “Why is my knee aching? I don’t remember hitting it. And there it is! Moral of the story: Sex does a body good so have more of it!